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Carpet cleaning magic with Bissell…

I don’t know about you, but I hate dirty carpets. We have quite light, high maintenance carpets (bad choice, they were pre the children) and they stain and mark easily, and let’s face it, kids make mess and stains and

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My Sunday Photo

He’s been told that this is the only time I ever want to see him in a police vehicle unless he decides to join the force! ? (Taken at our local fire station this weekend, where they hosted an open

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My Dear darling daughter, aged not quite 11, yet.  I love you, I do. You are very precious to me. You remind me a lot of myself, which is fun, but also a bit scary, but we are learning to

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Stuff we love – April 

Welcome to our monthly installment of stuff we love. Things we have liked and want to share about. There are no affiliate links, any links are simply because we think you may want to go and see for yourselves… It’s

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Mum standards…

The alternative title of this post could be – When you and your tweenager disagree on what the word “tidy” means and what a tidy bedroom should look like…  The tweenager and I are having a difference of opinion, the

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The House’s Role In The Kid’s Education

Credit Parents are constantly looking for ways to make sure their kids get the best education. Francis Bacon said knowledge is power, and he was dead right. Studies show that poorer children struggle more in life, but not because of

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All parents have superpowers!

I personally think that all parents are superheros with unsung superpowers. I have met and known MANY mums in my lifetime, so far. I have worked as a nanny, a children’s nurse, and now I have my own children and

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When family members need extra care…

This seems like a funny post to write at Christmas time, when in theory the season should be all about joy, love and family but sometimes life isn’t picture perfect like it is on Christmas cards or in the movies.

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Family Made Simple

The definition of the word “family” is different for everyone. What used to be described as “the nuclear family”, where you had two parents and one or two children, really doesn’t exist any more. As my Nana would have said

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4 Mom Hacks That Make Life Easier

A collaborative post with some helpful tips to make life easier… Image from Pixabay If there is anyone who needs more time in a day, it’s a mom. You are juggling the kids and their busy schedules, working, keeping up

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