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Keeping your immune system going with Nutrivitality (and a giveaway)

I always find winter a challenging time, and we seem to fight off more illnesses than we do in the warmer months. Short of moving somewhere with permenent sunshhine, I have to find ways to look after myself and my

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Stuff we love – September & October

So how is it the end of October already? I must admit that I do love this time of year and autumn arriving, it’s my favorite season. An excuse to pull out fluffy jumpers and not have to worry about

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 Turning tears into smiles with Elastoplast. 

As a parent, you know that bumps and scrapes happen, and sometimes there is nothing you can do to stop that. But of course, no matter how it happens, your children look to you to make it all better! A

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Using Technology To Keep Track Of Your Family’s Health

photo source Technology can be very daunting for the older generation, and sometimes it feels like we’re being left behind. There’s an app for everything these days but most of them are aimed at the younger generation. But there are

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Dealing with colds with Vicks…

Kids get coughs, colds and all manner of snotty lurgies. It’s kind of one of those facts of parenting. Both my kids have had their fair share of colds in their lifetimes, in fact Matthew had his first cold at

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Vaping and Parenting Guide – Does Your Kid Use E-Cigs

Vaping is the process of inhaling and exhaling vapor coming from an electronic cigarette or a similar device. It is a recent trend that aims to reduce the harm caused by smoking traditionally burned tobacco products. So what signs should

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Stérimar saves the day when colds invade…(and a giveaway!)

It’s that time of year. The children are well into the autumn term, the days are darker earlier, the weather is colder, and winter germs seem to lurk everywhere. My social media feed is as clogged as a snotty nose,

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Surviving chickenpox?

So, if you read this blog, or follow us on social media, you will know that we are quarantined with chickenpox at the moment. In fact, the patient, is sitting, looking very spotty, next to me, as I type this,

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Deoderant that’s a bit different – Hippy Paste (and a giveaway)

  I am always on the look out for products that are effective but also kind to skin, and I like to try things that are a bit different too. Deodorants are a funny thing to blog about. It’s kind

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Finding my confidence as a parent.

It’s funny, because even though I was a nanny, then a pediatric nurse, and having worked with many families and children over the  years, when I was handed my own baby, my first born, all of my knowledge and experience

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