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Managing Your Finances as a Family

*this is a collaborative post* image source Finances are a big part of life that can’t be escaped. When you have a family, they become even more important. Your income usually has to be divided and you’ve got to start

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3 Common Reasons for Contesting a Will  

Be mindful that contesting a will is not an easy or cheap process, so you may want to think twice before moving forward with your actions. However, it’s also possible there is good reason for why you want to contest

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Finding great deals doesn’t have to be hard

I love a good bargain, and sale shopping is something I try and make a habit of, because if you can find something you are looking for on sale or at a discount, then why wait.  As a busy working

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The Best Ways to Manage Family Budgets

The Best Ways to Manage Family Budgets No matter the size of your family, you’ll know how hard it can be to juggle family life and finances each month. Sometimes things run like clockwork, others times can be a struggle,

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Bookkeeping Tips for Busy Parents

  Is bookkeeping at the top of your to do list? Nope, didn’t think so. And you’re not alone. There are many busy parents who run their household finances on a wing and a prayer. Maybe it’s because bookkeeping and

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Can giving up your phone for a week really save you money?

That sounds like a really silly question? But can being without your mobile phone for a week really save you money? Is it possible to survive without a device that so many of us use and rely on? MoneySupermarket.com challenged

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