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Dear Facebook, no you can’t have my number but thanks for your concern for my privacy…

I haven’t had a rant about Facebook for a while so here you go…This is of course, tongue in cheek ­čśë Dear Facebook. You want information about me. The more information I share with you, the more useful I am

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The problem with Facebook…?

So last week, I had a bit of an epiphany, and did something that surprised me and probably a few other people. I did something that people like to share about and admittedly it’s annoying when they announce it. I

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Our week in photos. Mummyflu!

So, having nursed the children and LSH through this really nasty flu bug, I of course succumbed this week. As Mummy’s don’t tend to get sick days (or feel they are able to take them – trying to rest with

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So, the Facebook thing? One month in….

Today is the 2nd of February  I have done 31 days of no Facebook. I have had LSH update me with news, so he is filling me in on the gossip and any exciting news. You know, weddings, babies, pregnancies, engagements,

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So, I’ve given up Facebook and Twitter, how am I doing, really?

So, last year, I blogged (ok, I ranted) about putting  my money where my mouth was, and the perils of social media. I decided to give up Facebook and Twitter for 60 days. I wrote ablog post about what I

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Friday’s rants from the Soap Box in my living room….

Welcome to my Friday’s rants. I’m also linking up with MummyBarrow for her Ranty Friday. Come and join us. A good rant can be┬átherapeutic. First of all, before I get this off my chest, I┬árealize┬áthat there are people out there

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