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Work hard, sleep well…

We all know that exercise is good for us and we are supposed to do a certain amount each week to help keep our bodies healthy and strong. The current recommendations from the UK NHS are that adults aged 19-64 should

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Going swimming as a family!

Swimming, both for fun and exercise, is something we love as a family. Big Girl swims regularly, both at school, with her class for lessons and at private lessons on the weekend. I firmly believe all children should be able

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Get Fit Mummy – or actually don’t, the knee won’t let me…

So, the summer holidays are over, and I have to get back on the healthy bandwagon. I WANT to exercise but at the moment, I am still now allowed, other than swimming, which I haven’t had much time for. So

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Get Fit Mummy – Dieting when on holiday?

This Get Fit Mummy is a short and sweet one this week. I am going away on holiday, this coming weekend, so won’t be hosting the linky, for two weeks, as I am planning to take some time away from

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Get Fit Mummy – More on the knee….

Welcome to my weekly weight loss link up, Get Fit Mummy. Sharing how I am doing, and also a link up for anyone wanting to share their fitness goals, achievements or weight loss updates. It’s called Get Fit Mummy, but

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Get Fit Mummy – the knee and tea

This week’s Get Fit Mummy is a mixed bag. An update on my knee, not so good news, and a detox tea that I am trying, but I have lost weight so it’s not all bad…. So this week, after

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Get Fit Mummy – Taking this seriously.

 Back to taking this seriously, made a good start this week. I have not done a Get Fit Mummy post for the longest time. I had kind of reached a plateau, was bored of trying to plan and eat healthy

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Get Fit Mummy – Confession time….

Welcome back to my weekly Get Fit Mummy blog post and link up. I am hoping to chart my weight loss and progress to getting fit and in better shape. I will aim to set myself some goals, and also

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Get Fit Mummy – A better week, back on the bandwagon!

Last week, I had a bit of a whine and a moan, after a not particularly good week of diet, lack of exercise and tending to my sick family. This week has been MUCH better. I have managed to loose 1lb,

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Get Fit Mummy – Not a good week.

I must apologise for  being slack on the Get Fit Mummy front, this week has been a bit crazy. LSH has been very unwell, with what is now a chest infection, and I have been trying to keep life running,

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