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S is for sleep, T is for tonsils…

I have always said that Mum instinct is very rarely wrong and that if you feel that something is amiss with your kid(s) you should act on it. I have been proven right before, twice, with health issues with my

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And so we ride the merry-go-round again…

What would my blog be without a piece on sleep, sensory issues and the things we face with my small son? He, as you know, if you follow us, has had sleep issues, ear issues, sensory processing issues to deal

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I think guilt is something that comes when you become a parent. Dealing with the “why I am doing this?” “What did I do wrong?” “Should I or could I have done this differently” and “other people seem to manage

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This week I am a bad parent because I hate balloons…

Welcome to my weekly Bad Parent blog post. A place to get those moments we all have, off our chest. Feel free to share in the comments section, if you feel the same or just have your own bad parent

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The grommets are still in…

And I am relieved, and realising how grateful I am for those two tiny pieces of plastic, keeping his ears healthy and comfortable. Last week, Little Man started complaining of a sore ear, and was a bit grumpy and irritable!

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What is a grommet?

I have had a lot of people ask me “so what exactly is a grommet and what does it do?”. Small Boy is due to have a small procedure, under general anaesthetic, next week, to insert grommets into both of

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I am angry!

It’s hard to write this post, because I realise that I sound ungrateful and resentful, and I do know, that there are other people, families and parents out there going through far worse, than what we have experienced. I am

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The blog post where I talk about sleep, AGAIN!

Oh look, she’s blogging about sleep, or lack of it, again, I hear you mutter. Yes, I am going to talk about sleep, and probably sound a bit whiney, but this is more of an update post, than anything else.

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