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Protecting ears when you go swimming…

If you read our blog, you know that we have struggled with ear issues, and ear infections with our small boy, over the past few years. (He has also had grommet inserted via a surgical procedure and sees a specialist

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The guilt still remains…

If you follow us on social media at all you would have seen these posts from this past weekend where I shared about how my small boy was struggling with an ear infection then a perforated ear drum.  It was

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I think guilt is something that comes when you become a parent. Dealing with the “why I am doing this?” “What did I do wrong?” “Should I or could I have done this differently” and “other people seem to manage

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The grommets are still in…

And I am relieved, and realising how grateful I am for those two tiny pieces of plastic, keeping his ears healthy and comfortable. Last week, Little Man started complaining of a sore ear, and was a bit grumpy and irritable!

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One more time: No Regrets!

Last week, my Small Boy, who seems very small, in his uniform, trotting off with his book bag, started Nursery. This was a bigger milestone, for us, than it would seem. 6 months ago, we were in a pretty bad

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Don’t tell me to ditch the dummy!

I used to be one of those people who thought I knew it all about parenting, and that I would be a perfect parent, that is, until I had children, and then realised how utterly wrong I was, and how

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Magic Moments – Small Boy Update

If you read this blog regularly, or follow us on Facebook, you’ll know that Small Boy had minor procedure, under anaesthetic, last week, to have grommets inserted, because of chronic ear infections. I will be blogging about the actual day, tomorrow,

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Magic Moments – A Small Breakthrough

I didn’t do a Magic Moment post last week, but I am back this week, and linking up with The Oliver’s Mad House, as usual. Click on her linky at the end of this post, to join in, and to

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I am angry!

It’s hard to write this post, because I realise that I sound ungrateful and resentful, and I do know, that there are other people, families and parents out there going through far worse, than what we have experienced. I am

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So, do we have an answer….?

Or at least we hope, we have worked out why Small Boy may not be sleeping so well. I am kicking myself, and feel very guilty, that I should have worked it out sooner, but now we know, and hopefully

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