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Welcome To The Family! Tips For Helping Your New Dog Settle In

As we have shared previously, we are putting serious thought into getting a dog, this is another helpful collaborative post with some tips and pointers to consider… Pixabay Bringing a new dog home to live with your family will be

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Benefits of growing up with dogs…

For many of us, our pets are our first best friends. However, when you bring a newborn into the home, you may hear people tell you to get rid of your pets. You’ll be told that the dog could sit

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Taking care of your dog while you’re away…

As a family we are considering adding a canine friend to our numbers. One of the things we need to think carefully about is what we do when we go on holiday as dog owners. This is a helpful post

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Discover Dogs

So, we are mostly a cat family here, but if our life wasn’t ruled by a certain grumpy cat (ahem, you all know who I am talking about 😉 ) I am pretty sure the children and LSH would have

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