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Making gardening fun with Mud & Bloom

*We were kindly send a product to review, but all opinions are our own* My kids love getting out into the garden, and growing things and having fun learning about plants and green things. I will confess it’s not my

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Making Beautiful Bracelets with Cool Maker KumiKreator

*We were kindly sent an item to review, all opinions are our own* My kids and I love to try out new things, and we particularly love things that help us get creative as well as having fun. They are

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World Cup Football Fun with Mrs Mactivity

*This is a review post, we have been asked to share our thoughts on this product, but all opinions are our own, and images are used with permission* You would have to be living under a rock, or at least

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Learning to take better photos and use a camera with Sharp Shots Photo Club

I love taking photos. If you follow me or us on social media, you will know this. I also have children who love to take photos and use cameras. For my special birthday (ahem, age is not a number) I

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Getting creative with Pottery Cool Studio

My kids LOVE making things, and creative crafts. They love it when I organise for them to go to our local pottery cafe to make and create things with clay, but sometimes that’s not easy to squeeze into our diaries

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Creating animations with Zu3D

It’s not often that something makes me feel REALLY old, but we recently tried out the fabulous animation kit and software from Zu3D and when I see what we can now create with technology, and remember back to my own

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Creative fun with SpiraLite

Does anyone remember spirographs and using those plastic shapes to draw endless patterns in multicolours. Ok, so I am old, I know but that was a huge and fun part of my childdhood and kept me and my friends busy

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Getting creative with BIC Pens #myBICpens

It’s the summer holidays. School is out for weeks (seriously 8 weeks here!) and we now have time to relax and do all the things we plan for the holiday time. If the weather is great then outside we go,

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A little bit of Christmas creativity with Ora and a giveaway…

We have shared our love of Ora the round kitchen towel that is seriously multi purpose, and can be used for all sorts of things and not just cleaning up mess. We use it for a lot of different things

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Sands Alive – sensory and creative fun…

I am a bit of a play-dough fan and if you have read our blog before you will know I like to make our own dough, and expiremtn with textures and colors. I have tried “play-dough sand” before both the

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