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Back I go.Therapy Homework: cleaning out my head and my social media feed…

Weekly therapy is looming. This afternoon, I get 50 minutes to disgorge the messy contents of my head and see if the jumble that is my anxiety and what’s going on in my life can be made sense of, in

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I can’t….

That’s a phrase that can encompass many meanings. It can mean reluctance do to something, or expressing a physical or emotional inability to do or take part in something. It is often seen as a negative set of words.  For

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Arms length

Yes, I have been holding a lot of my friends & family at arms length. There has been a withdrawal, a boundary, that I have let few people past. It’s still there, I just need time. I don’t often post

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I got lost….

I’m not afraid of anything in this world There’s nothing you can throw at me that I haven’t already heard I’m just trying to find a decent melody A song that I can sing in my own company (U2 –

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