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How Your Dog Can Help Keep You Healthy

They say that dogs are more than just pets, they are also your best friend and playmate. It is true to say that dogs can be very affectionate and friendly, however, did you realize that they can also keep you

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Look after your pets in this heatwave 

You can’t fail to miss, if you are in the UK, that we are in the middle of a heatwave. It’s hot, it’s sunny, people are being warned to take care and look after themselves in the heat, use commmon

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Welcome To The Family! Tips For Helping Your New Dog Settle In

As we have shared previously, we are putting serious thought into getting a dog, this is another helpful collaborative post with some tips and pointers to consider… Pixabay Bringing a new dog home to live with your family will be

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If I see your children harassing a dog…

I will step in and tell them off…. So a thing happened.  I took my kids to the local playpark today after school. We were at a loose end and an after school class had been cancelled, so the park

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Taking care of your dog while you’re away…

As a family we are considering adding a canine friend to our numbers. One of the things we need to think carefully about is what we do when we go on holiday as dog owners. This is a helpful post

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