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Gluten Free, Dairy, easy banana bread recipe

This is a very easy, all in one bowl, cheat by using parchment paper, gluten free, dairy free banana bread that literally disappears almost as soon as it’s cool enough to eat. I am not actually that fond of bananas,

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Gluten free, dairy free Victoria sponge cake.

If you are looking for a gluten free, dairy free sponge cake recipe, this is perfect. I must confess, I have never made any kind of Victoria sponge cake. For some reason, I have always felt it wouldn’t work. But

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Creative Kids – Half term baking fun

  Baking fun, letting the kids get creative with icing & sprinkles…. It’s half term, and the weather has been awful, frankly, so we have spent more time indoors that normal. This afternoon, we decided to get creative and do

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Yorkshire puddings – cows milk free, gluten free and amazing!

I have been using a recipe I have tweaked, to make dairy (cows milk) free Yorkshire puddings, for a while. Because LSH can tolerate a small amount of gluten, he eats them, but my mother in law prefers to eat

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Parenting Confessions – I hate crafts!

This is one of my parenting confession  posts, where I spill the beans on a parenting foible or failure, I have experienced or feel that I want to share! As the title says. I hate crafts, and craft related activities.

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Gluten Free Dairy Free chocolate Brownies

Want to serve some baked goods for a person with a dairy or gluten intolerance or allergy? Look no further…   This is my favourite chocolate brownie recipe, with the added bonus of being dairy and gluten free, and  you cannot tell

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Recipe of the week – Easy chocolate cupcakes

 I have adapted this recipe, it’s actually a cake recipe, but can be used for cupcakes or for a normal layered chocolate cake. We made Big Girl’s birthday cake for her party this week, using this recipe, but unfortunately  the cake

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24 cupcakes…

 Have to be iced and decorated today (for tomorrow’s music group) That doesn’t sounds like a big deal, but it has to be squeezed in amongst what seems like a million other things. Big girl to school, collect Small Boy’s

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10 uses for coconut oil, in our household

We use coconut oil for lots of things in our house, these are the ten I can think of, off the top of my head, every day uses for it. We buy a jar or two of cold pressed, virgin

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