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You’re back?

Well hello again? You’re back? Or at least you think you are? You want to come back into my life…you want me to let you in and take up the space you had before?  You want to control me? You

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Is feeling numb ok?

Christmas can be a challenging time, for those who struggle with mental health issues.  It’s supposed to be a time of joy, goodwill to all men, fun, love, and all the “nice” things we are supposed to feel.  I love

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Please don’t call me…

  And I won’t call you… Yup, that’s right.  I am not being rude, or maybe I am, but I can explain. I have a reason. It probably isn’t logical to you, but it’s real for me.  The problem is,

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Anxiety is not logical

 (image source) Anxiety, be it long term, or short term, a temporary thing that strikes, or a mental condition that someone is struggling with, is not logical. I have always known this. Usually I can talk myself down, or be

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When the stomach bug makes you anxious…

(This is what the virus that causes most stomach bugs looks like. Fairly innocent and innocuous until it hits your system and makes you ill!) No one likes the stomach bug. No one enjoys when it lurches it’s nasty way

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