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A tail of ticks and Hibbiscrub

That my friends is a very unhappy camper in cat form. You see a bottle of Hibbiscrub and a rather annoyed looking cat. You are wondering what the connection is? Layla had a little friend. A nasty, biting, blood sucking

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The cats are NOT happy….

The cats are not happy.  Why are the cats not happy? The children are happy. We’ve moved rooms around. The small boy has a new bigger space for all his Lego, cars and toys, and the tween has her own

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Layla’s mid life crisis…

Something is up with the cat.  Mostly, she’s normal. Well, normal for her, if you call being taciturn, grumpy, hating everyone, demanding human food, abusing the other cat, and regularly depositing hair balls in delightfully unexpected places, normal.  But she

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This old girl has arthritis…

If you follow us on social media, you will remember that a few weeks ago, we had to do a rather urgent run to the vet for Layla. She really is the feline face of this blog, and she is

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For the love of a pig…

This is Boris…  He’s a fully grown Kune Kune male pig, and we met him last week, when we stayed at Eco Gites of Lenault and we got to know him whilst we stayed. In fact, I took my coffee down

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Teaching a cat to use a cat flap… 

So last week, we had a cat flap installed, because certain cats (I’m looking sternly at Jasper, as I type this!) like to wake us up at horrible hours of the night to be let out of the house. I

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Rabbits – because I am running a mini zoo… | rabbit

So, if you follow us on social media, you may or may not have noticed that MORE animals have joined the Mad House of Cats & Babies clan.  We have accumulated two rabbits. Two boy rabbits, to be precise, miniature

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