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Six tips for relieving a dust allergy…

Does your child often wake up with a stuffy nose? Or suffer from continuous cold symptoms? This collaborative post may be useful… If so, a dust mite allergy might be to blame. These tiny creatures live in bedding, cuddly toys,

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Being kind to skin with Surcare | Surcare

My almost 9 year old has very sensitive skin, and struggles with outbreaks of severe excema. She gets very sore patches on her legs, arms, trunk, and back. She’s struggled with this for a long time, and we have pretty

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Cow’s Milk Allergy: A kick in the guts

by Emma Oliver  So your baby is inconsolable and having trouble feeding. Maybe it’s colic? Or is there more to it? As a mother, sometimes it’s simply a matter of gut instinct… From one day old, my daughter Esme suffered

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Recipe of the week: Gluten free, American style pancakes.

I’ve been asked for this recipe a few times, so thought I would blog about it. It’s a firm favourite in our house, and because it is gluten and dairy free, is good for those with food intolerances or allergies. You can tweak

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