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Why I gave up meat, and it’s not for the reasons you think…

In January of this year, I gave up meat. Well, actually it was almost February, but for most of January I hadn’t eaten much meat. I caused alarm on Facebook by sharing my new quasi vegetarian status and I have

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6 months in, being vegetarian really isn’t that bad…

So, in January this year, I sort of sidled in and announced that I was giving up meat. I kind of went vegetarian. There were varying reasons behind this. One being that we lost another pregnancy, very early, but I

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Daily Snippets 01/04/18 I ate meat today and didn’t enjoy it…

We’ve been away for the weekend. We’ve been out and about, in the Cotswolds, spending time as a family. We’ve done touristy things and have been eating out and buying lunches and snacks. We went to a less well known

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