Pregnancy and Birth

We struggled to become pregnant with our first child, and had some issues prior to the arrival of our daughter Emily, I suffered two miscarriages before we became pregnant with her. I had hormone treatment to stay pregnant with her pregnancy after it was discovered my losses and some fertility issues were caused by a thankfully, easily treatable hormone imbalance.

I am unfortunately one of those women, with whom pregnancy does not agree. I was very ill with Hyperemesis Gravidarum with both pregnancies, I was diagnosed with Pre-Eclampsia during my first pregnancy, and also dealt with the condition Synthesis Pubis Dis-function with both pregnancies.  However, it was worth what we went through, and I am grateful for my two beautiful and healthy children. We hope at some point to conceive a 3rd baby to join the Mad House! Emily’s birth was difficult and traumatic, and I developed Post Partum Anxiety and Depression shortly after she was born.

Emily’s birth story is here

Matthew’s is here

When and if we do get pregnant, again, I will no doubt be blogging about it.

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