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What no wellies…?

I haven’t done a Friday Rant from the Soap Box in MY own living room for ages, but I have brought it back, because sometimes it’s good to get things off my chest, and it’s cleansing and therapeutic. It makes

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Lack of internet and lies… 

On Tuesday morning this week, our internet service went down. This is, I realise a total first world problem. We won’t die without internet (although my six year old did feel much deep despair at not being able to watch

Clowns are not funny… Well scary ones aren’t…

The blog post where I will admit to being prepared to face being arrested if a scary clown comes my way… 😉 If you keep up with social media and the news you will know there has been an outbreak

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Dear Facebook, no you can’t have my number but thanks for your concern for my privacy…

I haven’t had a rant about Facebook for a while so here you go…This is of course, tongue in cheek 😉 Dear Facebook. You want information about me. The more information I share with you, the more useful I am

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It’s rude…

I am an adult, a forty year old adult (I am still getting used to that last bit, kind of living in denial about it, and trying to pretend I am still twenty something, sadly my body is not going

Yet another miserable summer…

So I didn’t have a rant planned for this week. I did have a few rants in my head, but they aren’t suitable for a family blog so I won’t share them (it’s been a rough week in many ways)

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Let’s wake mum up EARLY, she loves it!

My response to my children, who have been waking well before 6am, despite it being the school half-term…Kiddos, mummy loves you very much but she really doesn’t want to discuss Lego, cats, hamsters, weather, birthday party plans, movies you want

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Friday’s Rant from the SoapBox in MY Living Room – I will not love every parenting moment just because you tell me to…

I posted this status on Facebook this week. We have had a particularly tough few weeks, with my boy not sleeping that well, and also his behavior has been a bit harder to manage. He is tired, it has been

Friday’s Rant – stop with the silly faces on Snap Chat…

This week is brief, I know, you all sigh with relief! ? I’ve joined SnapChat. It’s another social media app, and given I don’t know what I’m doing and already have a billion social media applications I can barely manage,

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Where have the P’s and Q’s gone?

Something I have noticed, and maybe it’s just me, and my current tired and slightly weary of the world outlook, and spending a lot of time around people as an introvert, which can make me more sensitive to what is

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