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Yet another miserable summer…

So I didn’t have a rant planned for this week. I did have a few rants in my head, but they aren’t suitable for a family blog so I won’t share them (it’s been a rough week in many ways)

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Let’s wake mum up EARLY, she loves it!

My response to my children, who have been waking well before 6am, despite it being the school half-term…Kiddos, mummy loves you very much but she really doesn’t want to discuss Lego, cats, hamsters, weather, birthday party plans, movies you want

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Friday’s Rant from the SoapBox in MY Living Room – I will not love every parenting moment just because you tell me to…

I posted this status on Facebook this week. We have had a particularly tough few weeks, with my boy not sleeping that well, and also his behavior has been a bit harder to manage. He is tired, it has been

Friday’s Rant – stop with the silly faces on Snap Chat…

This week is brief, I know, you all sigh with relief! ? I’ve joined SnapChat. It’s another social media app, and given I don’t know what I’m doing and already have a billion social media applications I can barely manage,

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Where have the P’s and Q’s gone?

Something I have noticed, and maybe it’s just me, and my current tired and slightly weary of the world outlook, and spending a lot of time around people as an introvert, which can make me more sensitive to what is

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Spam mail is coming our way…

So I have had a very hectic week, and to be honest, I’ve probably missed a lot going on in the world, but I happened to hear something on the news about UK Energy companies and my ears pricked up.

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Rugby is dangerous? Let’s ban tackling?

I was very fortunate to be able to attend a very good school in Scotland (because of my Dad’s job) and at our school, rugby was a major sport, played by many boys. The girls played touch rugby too. I

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I’d like to know something about school dinners? 

So our government is constantly saying that parents don’t feed their children properly, that children are inactive, obesity levels are sky rocketing, that there’s too much sugar in food.   (Stock photo)  They also tell us that school dinners are

Friday’s Rant from the SoapBox in MY Living Room – It’s TOO early!

My Friday Rant is VERY short, and sweet… This, the second week in January, literally as Christmas decorations come down, is JUST PLAIN WRONG… I guess we shouldn’t be too surprised given that the children go back to school in September

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I have a question for anyone who sells MLM schemes? 

So, it’s a major annoyance of mine, when my social media is bombed or spammed by people selling things via an MLM or multi level marketing scheme. It’s incredibly annoying when I post something on say, my Instagram feed, perhaps

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