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Clowns are not funny… Well scary ones aren’t…

The blog post where I will admit to being prepared to face being arrested if a scary clown comes my way… 😉 If you keep up with social media and the news you will know there has been an outbreak

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Dear Facebook, no you can’t have my number but thanks for your concern for my privacy…

I haven’t had a rant about Facebook for a while so here you go…This is of course, tongue in cheek 😉 Dear Facebook. You want information about me. The more information I share with you, the more useful I am

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It’s rude…

I am an adult, a forty year old adult (I am still getting used to that last bit, kind of living in denial about it, and trying to pretend I am still twenty something, sadly my body is not going

Yet another miserable summer…

So I didn’t have a rant planned for this week. I did have a few rants in my head, but they aren’t suitable for a family blog so I won’t share them (it’s been a rough week in many ways)

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Let’s wake mum up EARLY, she loves it!

My response to my children, who have been waking well before 6am, despite it being the school half-term…Kiddos, mummy loves you very much but she really doesn’t want to discuss Lego, cats, hamsters, weather, birthday party plans, movies you want

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Friday’s Rant from the SoapBox in MY Living Room – I will not love every parenting moment just because you tell me to…

I posted this status on Facebook this week. We have had a particularly tough few weeks, with my boy not sleeping that well, and also his behavior has been a bit harder to manage. He is tired, it has been

Friday’s Rant – stop with the silly faces on Snap Chat…

This week is brief, I know, you all sigh with relief! ? I’ve joined SnapChat. It’s another social media app, and given I don’t know what I’m doing and already have a billion social media applications I can barely manage,

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Where have the P’s and Q’s gone?

Something I have noticed, and maybe it’s just me, and my current tired and slightly weary of the world outlook, and spending a lot of time around people as an introvert, which can make me more sensitive to what is

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Spam mail is coming our way…

So I have had a very hectic week, and to be honest, I’ve probably missed a lot going on in the world, but I happened to hear something on the news about UK Energy companies and my ears pricked up.

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Rugby is dangerous? Let’s ban tackling?

I was very fortunate to be able to attend a very good school in Scotland (because of my Dad’s job) and at our school, rugby was a major sport, played by many boys. The girls played touch rugby too. I

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