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A small boy’s rant about football stickers…

My small boy faithfully collected lots of Fifa World Cup football stickers this summer, alongside watching the World Cup. He wasn’t able to collect all of them and the are not available in shops. You can buy them on Amazon

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I told a fellow parent off…

This week, I told a fellow mother off. I gave her my opinion on something she was doing, actually allowing her child to do. It is rare of me to do that. There is nothing worse, I think than when

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If you use e-mail…

There are some rules… E mail is a widely used form of communication. I send a lot and I get a lot. I often read through over one hundred a day, and that’s not a lot compared to others. Things

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Just move on…

The alternative title of this blog post is “my mother always said if you can’t say anything nice, don’t say anything at all” but apparently that’s too long and ruins the SEO or something… Social media is a funny place.

Why do schools do this to us? A rant about dressing up days at school…!

This is my face. Ok, it’s not my face, but it’s the look that was on my face this morning, when my children informed me of YET ANOTHER dressing up day at school.  I am an ogre (except I hate

If you use live social media whilst driving, I will be unfollowing you…

I am a HUGE fan of social media, and I follow a lot of people on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook (I tried Snapchat for about ten minutes and got bored, it seems a bit silly and I am probably way

Just because they work in a coffee shop doesn’t mean you can be rude to them…

I hate rudeness. It annoys me. I get that sometimes we have bad moments, and we can be unintetnionally rude to people, or we don’t even realise we are being rude.  But nothing annoys me more than deliberate rudeness and

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People who think they are special and can break rules, annoy me…

Rules, they are part of life. Some of them are inane, and seem ridiculously bureaucratic , some of them are put in place for our own safety, or to keep the majority of people happy and safe. Rules can be annoying

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Jaded with Instagram…

Yup, it’s another person moaning about Instagram. Because we need one more voice having a whine. But it’s Friday and I haven’t done a Friday Rant for a while, so I am letting loose. We all know by now (and

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Say what now? I am not sharing my wifi… | wifi

Welcome to my weekly rant. Friday is rant from the soapbox day. It’s therapeutic getting things of my chest, and it’s my blog so I will rant if I want to…? This week’s rant? We recently recieved a letter from

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