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Around the world in 8 Dishes

Why spend loads of money on expensive plane tickets when you can go traveling in your kitchen? If you treat your family to different world cuisines at dinner time, you can let your taste buds journey to the four corners

Adding a dash of the USA to your diet…

Although many of the classic American dishes can be calorific and decadent – just imagine the menu of an American diner – the amazing taste of many of the country’s iconic dishes cannot be disputed. Taste is plentiful and the

Let’s get pickled – cooking with Sarsons

When I say let’s get pickled, I don’t mean that in the way you think… What I am talking about is pickles, proper pickles. Tasty, slightly spicy & tangy, and moreish. I want to learn to make my own. There’s

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Putting the lad back in salads with Haywards…

So, when I told LSH that we were going on a gallivant up to London for the evening, recently, I think he thought he was being taken on a date night. What he didn’t know was that he was actually

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Home made crispy tofu – it can be done…

Last week I posted on social media that I was going to attempt to make crispy tofu, at home, from scratch. I had some encouraging comments, particularly from friends who like tofu or who are vegetarian, and some comments from

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A variation on my Nana’s lentil soup

My Scottish grandmother, known as Nana to us all, used to make a lentil soup that we all loved. On weekends when I was home from school (boarding, I used to spend time at her home when I couldn’t go

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Vegetarian (vegan), gluten and dairy free shepherds pie. | vegan shepherds pie

So recently, we had friends over for lunch. One of them is vegan, but I only remembered this fact at the last moment, as I was planning the meal, having done the grocery shop. A bit of a fail on

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Slow cooked whole “roast” chicken!

I love roast chicken, it’s one of my favourite ways to eat chicken, and my family all enjoy it. But I’m lazy, and hate washing roasting pans, and cleaning the oven after a roast has been cooked. My answer is

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Creative Kids – Easy peasy macaroons…

Welcome to Creative Kids. Mum is rubbish at crafts, but she likes to find other ways to encourage creativity, using imagination and having fun making things… No glitter allowed! 😉 I love helping with the school cooking class at my

Slow Cooker Chicken Soup

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