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Easy & yummy citrus shortbread style cookies…

I love to bake, and because I bake for work (the groups I run provide home baked treats for the parents and carers that attend) I like to find recipes that can be made in big batches but that still

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That’s me in the corner, baking bread…

When the going gets tough, or I am tired, or stressed, I don’t go shopping, I don’t get drunk, I don’t watch sad movies to allow myself to cry, or eat vast quantities of comfort foods.  I do things, productive

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Simple but delicious salmon…

I am always looking for recipes that are easy but delicious, and that will go down well with my family. We love eating fish, and because fish is good for us, I often try to incorporate fish as a meal

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Can a dairy free cheese sauce work?

I love to experiment with my cooking. A lot of the time the results are happy and the children and husband eat what I have made with no complaint and sometimes, if I have struck really lucky, they say I

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Fresh cakes delivered to your door AND they are allergy friendly? Yes please!

*We were kindly sent some products to try, but all opinions within this post are our own* We are a family that deals with food allergies. My small son has a dairy allergy that he hasn’t and probably won’t outgrow,

Stomach bug soup…

Stomach bugs are horrible and can take a while to recover from. Your body rejects food (often violently, let’s not go there) but then afterwards when the worst is over you need to slowly feed it back to health. When

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If you haven’t tried Brazilan cheese dough balls then you need to try these ones…

I’ve heard that Brazilian cheese dough balls are yummy but I’ve never tried them. So when the lovely team at Diels Food asked me if I wanted to try some of their gluten free Brazilian cheese yummies I wasn’t going

A quick and easy pancake recipe and a giveaway…

It’s Shrove Tuesday, or as many people know it, pancake day. If like me, you totally forgot about it until the last minute, and you are craving pancakes or your children are demanding them (I was woken at 6am this

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Making dinner quick &interesting with Rustlers Southern fried chicken

Dinner time in our house can sometimes get a bit samey and whilst no one really complains, I do feel I get stuck in a cooking rut and it can be a bit boring.  I am  pretty busy in the

Proper Little Pies

Do you like pie? If like me you are fan of pies and love to try new things, then you may want to get your hands on some of these Proper Little Pies, from the makers of Square Pies.  These

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