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Lingerie Buying Tips so you feel good and look great…

Most women like to wear nice lingerie. It makes them look and feel good and, usually, it also pleases their partners. But, finding and buying the right lingerie can be tricky, which is one of the reasons so many women

6 months in, being vegetarian really isn’t that bad…

So, in January this year, I sort of sidled in and announced that I was giving up meat. I kind of went vegetarian. There were varying reasons behind this. One being that we lost another pregnancy, very early, but I

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Feeling confident and comfortable starts underneath your clothes…

Yup, this blog post is talking about pants. We don’t talk a lot about what we wear, day to day, under our clothes, but it is an important thing, because what we were closest to our skin, what we put

When there are no words…

A couple of weeks ago, I got news I knew was coming. It was expected so it wasn’t shocking. It still knocked me hard though. A friend of mine, who I have known for a long time, died. We knew,

Choosing a Motivational Coach that’s right for you?

If you are struggling with your everyday life – then you may have thought about getting a motivational coach.  This can be suitable for people from all walks of life.  It could be that you have some stress from coping

I am ok with my mental health diagnosis, I need you to be too – Mental Health Awareness week 2018

This week is Mental Health Awareness Week, and there are going to be lots of people sharing about mental health, campaigning for better care, support, understanding, and about what it’s like to live with a mental health diagnosis and the

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Daily snippets 09/05/18 – do I need to watch the news?

I keep meaning to do these daily snippets and then life gets in the way. But they’re back, for now, because I like to offload the contents of my own head, and what better place to do it than my

I swear the British winters are trying to kill me…

This is my view. I’m sitting in our local park, whilst my small son runs around in the sunshine, with his mates, playing football. It’s warm. We’ve abandoned winter coats and jumpers and it feels SO nice. This last winter

I have to vote, but I don’t know who for…

This is a raw, thrown together whilst my kids eat their breakfast, and I drink my second coffee, it’s the usual crazy morning routine, kind of post. A jumble of my thoughts, trying to get them into some sort of

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Saying hello to Spring with Biocare

We all know we are supposed to eat well and feed our bodies what they need, and make sure we are getting the right vitamins, minerals and nutrients we need to stay healthy, strong and well. Having a vitamin deficiency

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