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3 perfect nights out for mums who need to have a break

Being a mom is an incredibly demanding job. With all of the different tasks that you are required to do, it may be difficult to find a moment’s peace. If you have a lot on, you may start to feel

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Amazing Achievements You Can Still Pursue as a Mom

Read any of the stories on Parent 24 and you will quickly realize how powerful moms really are. They have stories about breast cancer survivors raising their children, moms who also take care of a big family while focusing on

Gentle shampoo and hair conditioners from Pure Potions

 I am horribly fussy about the products I use on my hair, and over the years, have found things that work and things that don’t. I struggle with some issues with my skin and scalp including having a very dry,

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Here’s to a new knee…

If you follow our blog or social media, you will know that I have struggled with recurring knee issues for the past few years. I have had a couple of bad falls which have damaged my knees and also a

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How to Make a Romantic Proposal

There is a time and place for romance, and the pinnacle of any romantic relationship is your proposal. You will remember this day for the rest of your life, and so it is important that it is done with style,

Coffee in a bottle? I’m up for that…

If you follow me at all, on any social media or here, you will know that I am a big coffee lover and frankly, for me, coffee is life. I can pretty much manage anything the world will chuck at

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Some little treats from Hunkemoller

Everyone loves nice little treats, every now and then, and sometimes it’s good to treat yourself, to something special, or you may want to pick up a gift for someone else, for a special occasion. It may be a birthday,

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Think your office is safe? Think again…

I work with people,,mostly small children and their families and a major part of  my job role is being responsible for health and safety, and risk assessment, around the activities we all take part in, both before, during and after,

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When we don’t talk about hair loss…

Hair loss and the solutions for the problem of hair loss are something we talk about with men, in mind. My husband worries about going bald, my father is very proud that he still has a full head of hair

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Making skin glow. This mum needs that.

Now I am past forty, I am really realizing that I need to take my skin care more seriously, and look after the skin I have, to help it age as gracefully as possible, and prevent future issues if possible.

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