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Helping A Friend In Need That Doesn’t Want Help

Your friend is in need, but they keep stubbornly refusing to be helped – what do you do? You may feel powerless and feel as if you’re failing them as a friend. However, the very fact that you’re eager to

What I really want for Valentines Day…

It’s the 14th of February and around the world many people are celebrating Valentine’s Day. It’s a day of fun, joy, romance and love for some, and for others it can be a disapointing and painful day.  For us, in

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Daily Snippet 12/02/2018 tv medical drama is my therapy…

I’m an emotional person, I’m short tempered, feisty, I speak then I think. I’m compassionate and moved to tears for people’s circumstances very easily. I can’t watch animal movies without crying and watching anything on tv or movies where a

Keeping your immune system going with Nutrivitality (and a giveaway)

I always find winter a challenging time, and we seem to fight off more illnesses than we do in the warmer months. Short of moving somewhere with permenent sunshhine, I have to find ways to look after myself and my

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Daily Snippets 8/02/18 Put on your big girl pants and smile…

Being an adult sucks sometimes! We aren’t allowed to cry and stamp our feet like toddlers do, and people make allowances for us. We are expected to cope with life and get on with things even when life isn’t going

Daily Snippets 7/02/18 – I must not stay up all night binge watching Grey’s Anatomy…

I was a huge Grey’s Anatomy fan, and watched it from the start, enjoying each series as it came out. I will admit to thinking it got a bit stupid in places and having worked as a nurse in a

The Best Ways For Mums To Relax After A Hard Week

It’s no secret that mums are some of the hardest working people on the planet. They’re always putting out fires, attending to the needs of their family and many dedicate a lot of time to their careers. It’s no wonder

Daily Snippets 5/02/18 Why does this papercut hurt more than childbirth?

Why is it that small things hurt, yet we can handle hard and painful wounds with apparent ease and fortitude? Why do  we handle big things, and decide we are brave, but sometimes the little things cut really really deep

Getting all the details of a party right…

Planning the details of special celebration for someone can be a lot of work and a fair bit of stress. When you are marking an event such as an anniversary or a big birthday, you want to make every aspect

Perfect flowers for Valentine’s Day? For me, it’s roses…

You cannot fail to have noticed that Valentine’s Day is on it’s way. The shops are full of cards and chocolates and ideas for gifts. I don’t tend to be that soppy or romantic, I lean towards being more practical

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