Category: Mental Health

Helping A Friend In Need That Doesn’t Want Help

Your friend is in need, but they keep stubbornly refusing to be helped – what do you do? You may feel powerless and feel as if you’re failing them as a friend. However, the very fact that you’re eager to

Daily Snippet 12/02/2018 tv medical drama is my therapy…

I’m an emotional person, I’m short tempered, feisty, I speak then I think. I’m compassionate and moved to tears for people’s circumstances very easily. I can’t watch animal movies without crying and watching anything on tv or movies where a

Daily Snippets 5/02/18 Why does this papercut hurt more than childbirth?

Why is it that small things hurt, yet we can handle hard and painful wounds with apparent ease and fortitude? Why do  we handle big things, and decide we are brave, but sometimes the little things cut really really deep

What Can You Do Against Others’ Anxiety?

Anxiety is a difficult mental struggle that can not only feel shameful, but that can also be extremely handicapping. Thankfully, modern society is trying to ease the stigma of anxiety and mental health. It is now accepted for people to

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