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Back I go. Week 2 of therapy.

Today is therapy day. Session 2. Last week’s session was rushed and because I was nervous about what would happen and be said, and because I had rather stupidly overloaded my morning both before and after the session, taking on

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Three Life Hurdles You Will Face With Your Partner

*this is a collaborative post* When you first got together with your partner, things may have looked rosy. You got butterflies in your tummy every time they walked into a room, you listened to everything they had to say, and

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Let me say something about Grey’s Anatomy…

*this does contain Grey’s Anatomy Spoilers. If you haven’t watched passed series 11 and are not aware of which characters have been killed off, please either don’t read this, or read it but then don’t blame me that you know

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And back I go…

Back I go.  Sat in a waiting room. Paperwork filled in. Assessment complete.  Waiting to see a complete stranger who will soon know more about me than most people who think they know me.  Who will probably ask me questions

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Eye cream, why bother?

I have reached a point in my life where I DO really need pay more attention to my skin care, what I put on my skin, making sure that I am protecting my skin more, and also in as sensible

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5 Legal Careers That Are Perfect for Busy Parents

*This is a collaborative post* When most people think about a job in the legal field, they think of solicitors or lawyers. However, there are many lucrative careers available that are not as time-consuming and don’t require an expensive education.

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Is this the real life, or is it Bohemian Rhapsody…?

*this is a review post. I was kindly treated to tickets and a friend and I thoroughly enjoyed watching the movie. I have tried not to make this too spoiler filled, that you can still go and enjoy it* Freddie

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It won’t just go away…

My mental health. My anxiety. It won’t just go away.  I can’t just decide that after a life time of anxiety that I’m going to be just ok. My mental health doesn’t work for the convenience and comfort of other

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Not feeling it right now (it’s ok to not be ok, but I want to be ok)

I shared a photo and this caption on my Instagram feed this weekend. I am a firm believer in being honest, and sharing where I am at, mainly because it keeps me accountable and stops me shying away from life

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Dear people in my phone…

Dear people in my phone.  I just wanted to say thank you.  You are in my phone. We communicate via WhatsApp, or Instagram, Twitter or Facebook. We possibly don’t know each other in “real life” or we don’t see each

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