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Yes, I’ve gone meat free…

So I hadn’t planned to share this news. I’ve kind of hinted and mentioned it in passing on social media and over on my instagram feed I’ve been sharing as I stopped eating certain things but it’s slowly becoming more

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Pamper yourself with Olverum

I’m a busy working mum, juggling a lot. I seem to spend an awful lot of time running around after everyone else and looking after me comes last. I’m pretty sure a lot, if not most mums, can relate and

Daily snippets 27/02/18 Snow terrifies me…

We’ve had snow here today. Much foretold and much anticipated. Much fuss made by the media and weather forecasters. Some parts of the country have had a fair dumping of the stuff. We’ve even had a rare and reasonable amount

Don’t be afraid to ask HMRC for help…

I know the words “the taxman” and “HMRC” (Her Majesty’s Revenue & Customs, to give it it’s proper name) can make some people feel a bit twitchy and anxious. It’s often hard not to think about paying taxes, keeping accounts

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Skin care that smells amazing and is good for your skin…

I am very picky  about what I put on my skin but when I find a product I like I usually become a full convert. If a product is made with ingredients I can understand, and is made in a

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Dear cystic acne, you suck…

Dear Cystic acne, You’re back. Mysteriously after months and months of absence you are showing your face. I thought I finally may have outgrown you, and that our twenty year plus relationship was finally over. But nope, just when I

I am not cured…

I had a conversation with someone the other day, about my mental health. We were chatting about anxiety and how it affects people. They commented to me “well, now you are better, you don’t need to say you HAVE anxiety”,

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A little skincare treat for Mother’s Day with Pure Potions.

I am VERY fussy about what I put on my skin and what we use as a family. When I find a brand I like, and that works for us, we tend to stick to it. I have very sensetive

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I do not need to be reminded to grieve…

Grief is a strange thing, and it’s very much a personal thing. One person’s grief is not the same as another persons. I know grief. I know it well. I have loved and lost. I have been slapped in the

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Daily Snippet 15/02/18 – gone off sausages!

Rather weirdly of late, I’ve noticed I’ve gone off certain foods (nope, not pregnant, just for the record) and the thought of eating them, makes me feel nauseous. I’m not a big meat eater. I like a good steak every

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