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Cows milk intolerance and gluten intolerance, eczema. Recipes, reviews, things we find that work for us.

Treats made easy with Tesco & Coeliac Awareness week

I live with a family member who has a diagnosed gluten intolerance. It’s actually called non Coeliac gluten allergy. That family member happens to be the husband and for as long as we have been together, I have tried hard

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Wheat Belly Book set – Review & Giveaway | Wheat Belly

So with a husband who struggles with gluten intolerance, I am always reading and researching on what he can eat and what is safe for him to eat, and what will work for him, and for us as a family.

Chocolate makes the best stocking filler – a Hotel Chocolat giveaway | Hotel Chocolat

Christmas is coming and there is much excitement in the house, with thoughts of gifts for each other and surprises in store. I have been doing a bit of shopping, and sending some subtle hints via the children for what

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Free From Baking Gets the Artisan Touch

Free From Baking Gets the Artisan Touch Newburn Bakehouse by Warburtons launches an exclusive range of artisan loaves   With 30% of Brits now choosing to eat gluten and wheat free foods on a regular basis – whether due to

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Gluten free bread is a touchy subject…

When you are eating a gluten free diet, for health reasons, due to allergies or intolerance, bread and what you can and cannot eat, and what substitutes are available, is a touchy subject… It’s hard to find good substitutes and

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Yummy Gluten free cereal bars from Geo Bar

If you read our  blog, regularly, or follow us on social media, you will know that I am always looking for good gluten free substitutes because we have family members who cannot tolerate gluten in their diet. I also find

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Sarah’s amazing chocolate gluten free and dairy free chocolate brownies…

Well, it happened. I wasn’t sure it ever would, but I found a recipe for chocolate brownies that is even better than mine.  Sarah, who made these gluten and dairy free chocolate  brownies, very kindly agreed to let me share

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Discover gluten and dairy free Christmas food with Newburn Bakehouse

Enjoy a gluten and dairy free Christmas with Newburn Bakehouse recipes Indulging in tasty festive treats is a must for many in the run up to Christmas. From devouring the pieces of chocolate found behind each door of your advent

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Gluten free, cows milk free spaghetti carbonara…

Yes, you read that right. I finally got round to experimenting, and managed to make spagetti carbonara that was not only cows milk free, gluten free and tasted amazing. I LOVE pasta, and a bowl of creamy, cheesy pasta is

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Black Farmer’s Daughter sausages and burgers – Gluten free and delicious….

We were asked if we like to taste and try out some burgers and sausages from the Black Farmer, a company that produces gluten free, high quality products, from British meat. We were delighted to be asked to review some

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