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Cows milk intolerance and gluten intolerance, eczema. Recipes, reviews, things we find that work for us.

Sarah’s amazing chocolate gluten free and dairy free chocolate brownies…

Well, it happened. I wasn’t sure it ever would, but I found a recipe for chocolate brownies that is even better than mine.  Sarah, who made these gluten and dairy free chocolate  brownies, very kindly agreed to let me share

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Discover gluten and dairy free Christmas food with Newburn Bakehouse

Enjoy a gluten and dairy free Christmas with Newburn Bakehouse recipes Indulging in tasty festive treats is a must for many in the run up to Christmas. From devouring the pieces of chocolate found behind each door of your advent

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Gluten free, cows milk free spaghetti carbonara…

Yes, you read that right. I finally got round to experimenting, and managed to make spagetti carbonara that was not only cows milk free, gluten free and tasted amazing. I LOVE pasta, and a bowl of creamy, cheesy pasta is

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Black Farmer’s Daughter sausages and burgers – Gluten free and delicious….

We were asked if we like to taste and try out some burgers and sausages from the Black Farmer, a company that produces gluten free, high quality products, from British meat. We were delighted to be asked to review some

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Cheat’s Pizza with Pesto & Goats Cheese

This is a quick and easy alternative to a tomato based pizza. I use gluten free pizza bases, but it would work with normal pizza bases, too. It’s not entirely cows milk free, because of the Parmesan cheese in the

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The Gluten Free Cook Book – Review

Having been married to someone with a gluten intolerance for 13 years, I have taught myself a lot about what someone with gluten intolerance can eat and what must be avoided. I have to admit that I only started looking

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Potato & courgette gratin with goats cheese

Potatoes, goats cheese and courgettes go very well together in this simple potato & courgette gratin, that’s easy to make, and tastes great. You can substitue any cream/grating cheese you want, instead of goats cheese but it really does work

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Gluten Free, Dairy, easy banana bread recipe

This is a very easy, all in one bowl, cheat by using parchment paper, gluten free, dairy free banana bread that literally disappears almost as soon as it’s cool enough to eat. I am not actually that fond of bananas,

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Toad in the hole (gluten free/cows milk free)

Toad in the hole is an  English dish, consisting of Yorkshire pudding batter, with sausages nestled inside, served with gravy and veg, it’s a warm, comforting, and delicious meal. We use a gluten free, cows milk free recipe for our

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Speculaas Spiced Muffins – gluten free/cows milk free recipe

These speculaas spiced muffins are easy to make, and when they are baking make the house smell AMAZING! I must confess, whilst I am not a huge cake eater, or biscuit muncher (contrary to what you might think if you

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