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Cows milk intolerance and gluten intolerance, eczema. Recipes, reviews, things we find that work for us.

Quick and easy gluten and dairy free Valentine’s Day cookies

This is the quickest and easiest recipe to make sugar cookies that you can decorate, if you are looking for something fun to do with the kids for Valentine’s Day. I converted a normal recipe using gluten free flour and

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Allergy free Yorkshire puddings

I have been using a recipe I have adapted based on a traditional recipe.  I can hand on heart say, that if you eat these, you would not know they are gluten free. They came out crispy and golden and

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Gluten free cheese scones.

I love scones, they are SO easy to make and as long as you stick to a few simple rules, like keeping your butter or fat cold and  not playing too much with the dough, I don’t think you can

Matthew’s easy chocolate chip cookies – gluten & dairy free

I find chocolate chip cookie recipes a bit tricky, I don’t know why. Sometimes they don’t just quite for me, and because I’m fussy and like my cookies to be the perfect combination of soft and chewy but chocolately, it’s

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Treats made easy with Tesco & Coeliac Awareness week

I live with a family member who has a diagnosed gluten intolerance. It’s actually called non Coeliac gluten allergy. That family member happens to be the husband and for as long as we have been together, I have tried hard

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Wheat Belly Book set – Review & Giveaway | Wheat Belly

So with a husband who struggles with gluten intolerance, I am always reading and researching on what he can eat and what is safe for him to eat, and what will work for him, and for us as a family.

Chocolate makes the best stocking filler – a Hotel Chocolat giveaway | Hotel Chocolat

Christmas is coming and there is much excitement in the house, with thoughts of gifts for each other and surprises in store. I have been doing a bit of shopping, and sending some subtle hints via the children for what

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Free From Baking Gets the Artisan Touch

Free From Baking Gets the Artisan Touch Newburn Bakehouse by Warburtons launches an exclusive range of artisan loaves   With 30% of Brits now choosing to eat gluten and wheat free foods on a regular basis – whether due to

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Gluten free bread is a touchy subject…

When you are eating a gluten free diet, for health reasons, due to allergies or intolerance, bread and what you can and cannot eat, and what substitutes are available, is a touchy subject… It’s hard to find good substitutes and

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Yummy Gluten free cereal bars from Geo Bar

If you read our  blog, regularly, or follow us on social media, you will know that I am always looking for good gluten free substitutes because we have family members who cannot tolerate gluten in their diet. I also find

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