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S is for sleep, T is for tonsils…

I have always said that Mum instinct is very rarely wrong and that if you feel that something is amiss with your kid(s) you should act on it. I have been proven right before, twice, with health issues with my

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Why I won’t be giving up my seat on the bus any time soon…

I don’t drive. I choose not to. I don’t like it and my anxiety makes driving incredibly stressful and not worth the effort. I don’t currently have a valid licence to drive. So I use public transport daily for journeys

Are you getting enough vitamind D?

I often make jokes about vitamin D and getting my daily dose when the sun decides to shine here in London. However, I do also take vitamin D consumption and how much we need seriously because actually getting enough into

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Kick starting autumn with SML and a giveaway….

 I don’t know about you, but I don’t find the summer break condusive to eating that healthily or resist all the lovely food and drink that tends to come my way, with summer parties, weddings, picnics and all. Also, this

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Tips for Dealing with a Partner Who Snores and Keeps You Awake

Do you find it hard to recall the last time you were able to sleep through the night without waking up several times? Now, what if the reasons for waking have nothing to do with you; what if the problem

Just for a season, I’m saying no…

*this post is written partly as a cathartic self expressive exercise, and also because I’m rubbish at explaining how I feel in person. I’ve come a long way on this mental health journey of mine, and where as once I

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Back to school with Hedrin

It’s that time of year. School aged children are going back to school, or are starting school. The summer holiday has ended and we gear up school runs and back to normal routine. As a mum of two children, I

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Post infection IBS. I didn’t know it was a thing…

Did you know there is something called Post Infectious Irritable Bowel Syndrome? I did not. I had, of course heard of Irritable Bowel Syndrome and I know what that is, but I didn’t know that you could get something simillar

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Helping skin get better with Cetraben…

It’s no secret that we have struggled with skin issues in our house. I have psoriasis and Emily has dealt with eczema as well as very dry and sensitive skin since she was a baby. We have spent a lot

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6 Ways to Ensure You’re Drinking Clean Water

Water is a must and without it, survival is impossible. Without water, our bodies will fail to function and will give up on us faster than we can imagine. This happens because our bodies are mostly made up of water

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