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Helping skin get better with Cetraben…

It’s no secret that we have struggled with skin issues in our house. I have psoriasis and Emily has dealt with eczema as well as very dry and sensitive skin since she was a baby. We have spent a lot

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6 Ways to Ensure You’re Drinking Clean Water

Water is a must and without it, survival is impossible. Without water, our bodies will fail to function and will give up on us faster than we can imagine. This happens because our bodies are mostly made up of water

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The top 10 women’s summer health and safety tips

Summer is usually the perfect time for us to go outdoors, enjoy the warmth of the sun, and go on vacations and parties with our families and friends. For most women, summer is also the best time to stay active,

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Please stop telling me to get out and enjoy the sunshine…

It’s rather hot in the UK at the moment, hotter in fact than some other parts of the world that usually run to the subtropics weather wise. We are in the middle of a heat wave. I am kind of

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Matthew’s easy chocolate chip cookies – gluten & dairy free

I find chocolate chip cookie recipes a bit tricky, I don’t know why. Sometimes they don’t just quite for me, and because I’m fussy and like my cookies to be the perfect combination of soft and chewy but chocolately, it’s

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A Pain In The Neck: Recovering From Whiplash

I have fortunately never suffered from a whiplash injury, but I know people who have. This collaborative post has some tips that may be helpful if you ever are diagnosed with whiplash.  Whiplash is a type of neck strain usually

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Feel stress free with Thrive

I recently was asked to try out an app, to see how it worked when dealing with issues like stress, anxiety and depression. It’s a handy little app available to download to a mobile device. The developers of the program have

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Getting everyone out and about, because everyone should enjoy days out…

As a family we have been very fortunate to not struggle when we go out, or plan a family day out, with accessibility issues. None of us currently need help with mobility or to get out and about and on

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Yes I am that mother…

The alternative title to this is “I can clearly see your kid is sick, please take them home/I will rant about people who bring their sick kids to where other people are…” I get that it’s annoying when your kid

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Quitting smoking can be easier with Niquitin…

Something a lot of people didn’t know about me, is that I am an ex smoker. In 2001 I quit, and haven’t smoked since. This is my story of why, and how… I grew up with my mother smoking, and

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