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Anatomy of a panic attack…

This is very raw and personal. I won’t give advice. I can’t tell you I’m an expert on anxiety. I can’t claim to know how to handle it perfectly because I’m still walking the long road to learning how to

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Don’t ever say “you need to get over it”…

This week is Post and Pre Natal Depression and Anxiety awareness week. You can read more about PANDAS here When someone you love or know is struggling with post natal or pre natal depression or anxiety, it can be hard

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When you need valium to go to the dentist…

I don’t like going to the dentist. I am pretty sure that there are actually very few people who are thrilled by the idea, but there are a number of people in the population, who actually have anxiety around going

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It doesn’t have to leave a bruise or mark…

For abuse to hurt… You can hurt a person with your words. By your actions,  that make that person react in a certain way.  When you exert control over a person, when you break them down to the point where

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You’re back?

Well hello again? You’re back? Or at least you think you are? You want to come back into my life…you want me to let you in and take up the space you had before?  You want to control me? You

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We all struggle. It’s not a competition…

And no, I don’t need you to tell me why your problem is worse than mine.  I’m generally quite honest and open about my own struggles with parenting, my mental health, and other things. I like to think that if

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Self care? 

I don’t make resolutions at the start of the new year or the end of the old. I’m not very good at keeping them, and making lists of things I should be doing, and to be honest, there are SO

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Is feeling numb ok?

Christmas can be a challenging time, for those who struggle with mental health issues.  It’s supposed to be a time of joy, goodwill to all men, fun, love, and all the “nice” things we are supposed to feel.  I love

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I don’t have to make other people happy…

In all the months of therapy, that I have had, since I was referred for help after my breakdown and diagnosis of anxiety disorder in 2013, one theme has come up, again and again, with my therapist talking me through

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We fail new mothers…

I came across an interesting article this week, about the effects of extreme sleep deprivation on new mothers and that this contributes to anxiety and post partum issues like post partum anxiety & depression.  As someone who struggled with post

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