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Confessions of a lip picker…

People who know me really well, and that is very few people, know that I have two bad habits that tend to betray how I am doing, in myself, and how life is treating me.  I used to bite my

7 ways to take care of your mental health

In life, it is vital that you take excellent care of your mental health. There is no point in looking after your body, if you are neglecting your mind and soul. Understanding the way that your mind works will help

#CheckYourBits – Testicular Cancer Awareness with Heck and Movember

Yes, I am talking testicles on the blog today. Don’t click away. If you are a woman who has any man in her life, be it a boyfriend, partner, husband, father, brother, male friends, then you need to read on.

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Can Sleeping on the Best Mattress Make You Feel Better?

              Why should you sleep on the best mattresses? According to Try Mattress, sleeping on firm memory foam or spring mattresses comes with several health benefits. Various sleep experts are of the same opinion.

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Overnight recharging with Benenox…

If you read my blog, you will know that sleep has been somewhat lacking, round here for a LONG time, and we have had a long journey to where we are today, and right now, we are all getting some

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My first Mammogram

I am pretty sure there isn’t a book written for women, facing this. There should be. With simple pictures and words explaining not just the physical procedure, but also how you may feel about what is happening to you, why

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Was it worth it?

So if you read our blog or follow us on social media, you will know that three weeks ago, we made the decision to have our small boy’s adenoids and tonsils removed. This meant surgery.  An adenoidtonsillectomy as the procedure

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Dealing with a Severe Diaper Rash? More Common Than You Think

One could say that diaper rash is just a part of growing up. When babies wear diapers, wetness is trapped against their skin. This wetness can lead to irritation, red bumps, pimples, or swelling.  Most diaper rash is normal, and

Cold be gone with Coldzyme

It’s the season for colds and coughs. The weather has changed and germs abound. Winter is coming and so are those nasty lurgies that send us rushing to get tissues and throat sweets.  I hate getting colds. You aren’t quite

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Gluten free cheese scones.

I love scones, they are SO easy to make and as long as you stick to a few simple rules, like keeping your butter or fat cold and  not playing too much with the dough, I don’t think you can

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