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Stuff we love – August: the tired mum edition…

This last month of August has gone fast. For us, it’s been a challenging month in many ways, but we have survived. I am TIRED though and tomorrow we are off on holiday to France for a week, which is

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Stuff we loved – July

Wow, July went fast, didn’t it? Or at least it did for us. I think my having a knee operation and the children breaking from school seems to have made it go much more quickly. So here we are, in

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Stuff we love – June

Wow, June went a bit fast, didn’t it. It was very hot, and then it was all over. We are now into July and the school summer holidays are almost here, for us.  We have had a bit of a

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Father’s Day Flash Giveaway with Evo Shave…

Father’s Day is fast approaching and we’ve got a little last minute giveaway to share if you are looking for a gift for the dad in your life. We’ve shared about Evo Shave before and we are delighted to have

Beautiful prints from Shepherd Illustration.

I often wander into card shops and stationery stores and feel a bit meh, at the selections available. Sometimes it feels like everything on offer is pretty samey and unoriginal. I like cards and prints that are fun, but also

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