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Life with a child with a Sensory Processing Disorder. Helping them to be who they are. Learning as we go, hoping to support and inform others.

Boys can dance too

My boy has taken a while to find his feet and feel confident enough to take part in group activities. He struggled for the longest time, both before we knew that his ears were causing him issues, and post grommet

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When you get it right as a parent

This weekend, my boy let someone else babysit him and put him to bed, with no fuss, and no tears. Most people would read that and think “wow, what is so exciting about that, do these people not have a

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The blog post where I admit that bedtime is awful…

In fact, bedtime round here, could be regarded as a major parenting fail… Before I had children, I swore that any children I had, would go to sleep by themselves and be good sleepers. After all, as a nanny, then

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I’m not ready because he’s not ready…

I love this quote and am finding it comforting at the moment, because it is where I am at both on a short term, and a long term, with my parenting.  I recently hatched a plan to take the children,

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