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Life with a child with a Sensory Processing Disorder. Helping them to be who they are. Learning as we go, hoping to support and inform others.

SPD – what does it stand for?

Our son has SPD. SPD stands for Sensory Processing Disorder.  What does sensory processing disorder mean? Sensory processing (originally called “sensory integration dysfunction” or SID) refers to the way the nervous system receives messages from the senses and turns them

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Sensory Processing Disorder is a funny beast… #whatyoudontsee

Sensory processing disorder is a funny old beast. It can seem calm and relatively easy to manage and you think you have FINALLY got a handle on it, and then out of the blue you hit a rough patch and

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I’m not a bad parent because my kid doesn’t sleep.

There, I said it. My kid doesn’t sleep. Ok, he does, but he doesn’t sleep well sometimes and we still have nights where he wakes once, if not more than once, sometimes up to three times. He needs help to

He doesn’t need to “get better”…

There are two things not to say to a parent of a child with sensory processing disorder or any other invisible issue that doesn’t manifest in a way that can be seen “physically”… “He looks fine, though” & “so when

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Doing school holidays differently because of Sensory Processing Disorder

It’s half term week for us. Some families have already had their half term break, some families are still waiting for theirs to start. We are facing ours.  When I say facing, it sounds negative. School holidays, for us and

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It’s not a cure, he doesn’t need a cure…

I hadn’t intended to write a post about sleep or SPD, because right now, things are pretty smooth. My lovely boy is sleeping at night, thanks to having had his tonsils and adenoids removed and no longer waking in the

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Was it worth it?

So if you read our blog or follow us on social media, you will know that three weeks ago, we made the decision to have our small boy’s adenoids and tonsils removed. This meant surgery.  An adenoidtonsillectomy as the procedure

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S is for sleep, T is for tonsils…

I have always said that Mum instinct is very rarely wrong and that if you feel that something is amiss with your kid(s) you should act on it. I have been proven right before, twice, with health issues with my

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Yup, I medicate my kid… 

I do. I medicate him! That’s shocking, isn’t it? What’s even more shocking is that I medicate him so he will go to sleep. I’m such an awful, terrible, selfish mother, aren’t I?  There. The truth is out. Judge away.

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What you don’t see – the bumblebee

There’s a noise, I can hear it. It’s a low humming sound. It’s sometimes constant and determined, or it’s sporadic and patchy. It can be heard over other noise, and will often compete with louder noises and it’s also in

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