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I love my kids, but they can go to bed…

We are in a new stage of parenting, beyond baby and toddlerhood and now into the realms of children who are less needy in some ways but who can be just as demanding. It’s a bit of a new venture

Helping my tween not to make the skin care mistakes I made…

When I write about my tweenager, who will be eleven in a few short weeks, I feel old. Mostly, because I am sure she was only a baby yesterday, but also because it makes me think of where she is

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Helping the tween with clothes shopping…

Clothes shopping for my daughter has changed over the past year or two. Whereas before she would be happy to have me go shopping and choose things I thought she would like to wear, she is now hitting the pre

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Mum of tween fail!!!

So, of course, I am the perfect mother. My house is immaculate, and I have life incredibly well organised, my children only ever eat organic, fully home made foods, never any junk food or treats, they do all their homework,

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Please stop telling my kid to take her glasses off…

This is a rant. Aimed at no doubt the thoughtless amongst us. My child wears glasses. She has inherited not only my short sighted vision, but also the astigimatism and a genetic eyelid condition that means that she will, for

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I didn’t set out to be a helicopter parent but suddenly I am one…?

I am not generally a helicopter parent. I am the mum at the park that doesn’t follow her kids round, fussing over them, I let my tweenager stay home for short periods of time, unsupervised, and I don’t feel like

11 year olds still in primary school DO NOT NEED SMARTPHONES

Yes, I have put that last bit in capitals. Yes, I am shouty about it.  My tweenager has recently started to hint (ie whine a lot, at random times when she thinks her parents are vulnerable!) that she would like

Why we allowed our tweenager to choose not to do a school entrance exam…

Our tweenager is reaching the age where we need to start thinking about secondary schools. We’ve already had a look at one or two, and have a couple more to go, before we decide. When we say “we”, we mean

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She’s wearing my shoes…

This week, we had a bit of a mum fail. My tweenager was supposed to be singing in a concert, with some of her class and children from other schools. It was in my diary, we had tickets, and I


My Dear darling daughter, aged not quite 11, yet.  I love you, I do. You are very precious to me. You remind me a lot of myself, which is fun, but also a bit scary, but we are learning to

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