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BMI is NOT the be all and end all…

So I recently shared about weight loss and how I have worked hard to loose some weight, in order to get myself to a healthier place. I have been feeling pretty good generally and pleased with my efforts and also

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Getting my confidence back with Bio Oil (and a giveaway)

I am nearly 40, my body has been through weight gain and weight loss, two pregnancies, and there are some scars and marks to prove it. I have stretch marks on my tummy & thighs. I am mostly ok with

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Please don’t be scared…

To tell me you are pregnant.  Yes, I’m struggling a little (OK, a lot) with the idea that I might not fall pregnant again, and am facing the possibility that we are “done”.  Yes, it’s a little hard for me

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Convenient Pre-Natal vitamins?

We are currently trying to add a third small human to the Mad House of Cats & Babies (the cats will not approve, Emily wants a baby sister, Matthew wants a baby brother, so there is no pressure at all

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An ache…

I have an ache. It won’t go away. It comes and goes, sometimes it’s quite noticable and makes me draw a breath, sometimes it’s very dull and I barely notice its presence.  It’s the ache that I’ve had for a

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It seems to have all changed since the last time round – pregnancy?

So, it’s not unknown, that we are trying to add a third small human to our numbers (much to the cat’s disgust, they aren’t that fond of small humans, Layla hasn’t quite forgiven me yet, for bringing two babies home)

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We fail new mothers…

I came across an interesting article this week, about the effects of extreme sleep deprivation on new mothers and that this contributes to anxiety and post partum issues like post partum anxiety & depression.  As someone who struggled with post

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OvuSense helps you stay in control

Trying to conceive a baby doesn’t always happen as easily as the movies and books would make you believe. If you follow our blog you will know that we are hoping to add a third small human to our number,

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BabySteps – a clever pregnancy calendar (and giveaway)

So it’s not an unknown thing that we are looking to add to our number here at the Mad House of Cats & Babies. It has been a while since I started looking at baby things, and I am having

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MAMA Academy – Supporting mums and midwives to help babies arrive safely

As you know, if you have read this blog, or know us in real life, we are trying to add a 3rd small human member to the Mad House. I have blogged about pregnancy and birth before, and the ups

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