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Ticking all the boxes when trying to conceive, a giveaway with Proceive

Having a baby starts with, for most people, a level of planning before you actually conceive. When you decide you want to have a baby, there are things you need to think about to make sure your body is in

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Making a nursery on a budget

As mums, or mums-to-be we all know that there’s nothing more exciting then a baby on the way! You have 9 months – possibly more if your little one is rather comfortable in there – to transform a room in

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Let’s talk about periods when you can’t use disposable sanitary towels…

Yup, we are talking about periods today. Sorry, not sorry. It’s kind of a fact of life, that women have periods, it’s biology. I don’t often go into the realms of “TMI” on the blog, but I am hoping this

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Celebrity Pregnancies give me hope…

Another day, another celebrity announces a life milestone that makes the headlines. We revel, rather nosily in the lives of the rich, famous or infamous, who are raised a level above us, and we hold in some sort of weird

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Travelling in the third trimester: 5 tips to keep you safe

Pregnancy shouldn’t be a reason to avoid travel – but when you’re in your third trimester, it’s understandably more difficult. With plenty more considerations to bear in mind when it comes to every aspect of the holiday, you’ll want to

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Dealing with a Severe Diaper Rash? More Common Than You Think

One could say that diaper rash is just a part of growing up. When babies wear diapers, wetness is trapped against their skin. This wetness can lead to irritation, red bumps, pimples, or swelling.  Most diaper rash is normal, and

Breastfeeding – I did it. Would I do it again?

It’s world breastfeeding week. Social media is flooded with the promotion and discussion of breastfeeding and all the issues surrounding that. The good, the bad, the ugly, the happy, the sad. The why and why not. I don’t talk about

When birth isn’t as it should be. What I know now…

I have given birth twice. I have two healthy children, thankfully. Pregnancy and birth were not easy for me, both times, with health issues for me, and concerns about both babies at the end of each pregnancy. All’s well that

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It’s not bah humbug, it’s self protection…

I recently celebrated a birthday. Actually, I asked for minimal celebration, and whilst we did mark the day, and the children made a fuss, and I had lots of love and greetings from friends and families, and some very kind

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9 months and counting…

Photo Source When you think about it, that title isn’t quite accurate because most people don’t find out that they are pregnant as soon as they conceive. In fact, many people agree that you should wait two weeks before taking

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