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When Your Home’s A Zoo, Your Garden Must Be Pet-Friendly

  We would all like to think that our garden is perfectly safe for the cats, dogs, rabbits, and fish that live with us. That it’s even beneficial to them. In most cases, that’s hardly far from the truth. But

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6 ways to improve your credit

Sometimes we wish we could go back in time and tell our past-selves off, especially when we realise we have a poor credit rating and need a loan, credit card or mortgage. Building this score up again can be a

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Are You Aware Of Your Family’s Health?

Image Source When you live in a full house with children underfoot, life gets busy! There is always noise, laughter and life, but in big families there are always health issues. If your children are in different school years, then

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What keeps your house warm?

Nobody likes bad weather. But have you considered how difficult it is for your house? Weather can affect your house and create significant damages to its structure – and to your well-being. From rain creating disruptive flooding conditions, to extreme

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Using Technology To Keep Track Of Your Family’s Health

photo source Technology can be very daunting for the older generation, and sometimes it feels like we’re being left behind. There’s an app for everything these days but most of them are aimed at the younger generation. But there are

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If I see your children harassing a dog…

I will step in and tell them off…. So a thing happened.  I took my kids to the local playpark today after school. We were at a loose end and an after school class had been cancelled, so the park

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Ways to calm your distressed cat

Is your cat still trying to claim his or her territory all around the house? Is your cat giving signs of increased stress and anxiety? Don’t worry! Here are some ways to guide you through some of the devices that

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The House’s Role In The Kid’s Education

Credit Parents are constantly looking for ways to make sure their kids get the best education. Francis Bacon said knowledge is power, and he was dead right. Studies show that poorer children struggle more in life, but not because of

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For the love of a pig…

This is Boris…  He’s a fully grown Kune Kune male pig, and we met him last week, when we stayed at Eco Gites of Lenault and we got to know him whilst we stayed. In fact, I took my coffee down

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How to save your house from bad weather…

There are just so many things that can cause damage to our homes. From existing problems with the structure or building, right through to our ignorance in solving them. While we can help prevent those issues – there’s one thing

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