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A Family Kitchen Is For More Than Just Cooking

The kitchen is often the center of the house. It’s a multi-functional space that is for much more than just cooking. When you’ve got a family, the kitchen is more important than ever. It’s a space where you can prepare

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Decorative lighting that’s a bit different, from Dandelion.

I love decorating our home, and finding pieces that fit with our taste, decor and budget. I also like things that are that little bit unusual and different and that make a bit of a statement.  We recently revamped our

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Making a bedroom look beautiful…

When you are renovating or decorating a room, there’s a lot you need to think about and plan for and it’s not just about paint and wallpaper. We have recently started remodeling our master bedroom, it has been due for

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Displaying beautiful memories with Hello Canvas (UK)

I love taking photos and if you follow us on any social media platform you know I take a lot (I just cleared out my phone memory, when I tell you I had over 12,000 photos, I am not lying)

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Name stickers for a good cause…

My kids have  A LOT of stuff, and most of it, they reassure me is needed and part of the essentials of life (can someone explain to me why a child needs three pencil cases please?) and that they use

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The Benefits of Under Cabinet Lighting and How to Use It

You will usually find undercabinet lighting in a kitchen. It’s a unique source of lighting which has increased in popularity over the years alongside LED lights. There are several different benefits to installing undercabinet lighting in your home – and

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5 Renewable Energy Methods for the Home

The option to power your home using renewable energy is one that is becoming more realistic for all types of people. Indeed, there are many cities in the world that are searching for new methods that they can use to

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Reducing Your Energy Costs at Home: 3 Effective Ways

Energy efficiency is one of the biggest buzzwords that we read and hear on a day to day basis. More companies than ever are responding to the strong consumer demand for energy efficient products and services and building towards becoming

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Playful Playroom Prompts for Plenty of Fun

Giving your kids a playroom is a great idea. It can help to contain toys to one location in the house, and it gives them somewhere to go time on their own. Designing a playroom can be a lot of

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Moving House When You’ve Got Kids: The Basics

We aren’t moving house, but this collaborative post might be helpful if you are. Everyone knows that moving house can be difficult – but you might not have thought about how your kids might react. Here are some tips to

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