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Reducing Your Energy Costs at Home: 3 Effective Ways

Energy efficiency is one of the biggest buzzwords that we read and hear on a day to day basis. More companies than ever are responding to the strong consumer demand for energy efficient products and services and building towards becoming

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Playful Playroom Prompts for Plenty of Fun

Giving your kids a playroom is a great idea. It can help to contain toys to one location in the house, and it gives them somewhere to go time on their own. Designing a playroom can be a lot of

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Moving House When You’ve Got Kids: The Basics

We aren’t moving house, but this collaborative post might be helpful if you are. Everyone knows that moving house can be difficult – but you might not have thought about how your kids might react. Here are some tips to

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Paperless post makes sending beautiful messages easy.

As a busy working mum, I often struggle to find time to sit down and write actual letters, invitations and cards. I know I SHOULD find the time somehow, but right now, where we are in life means that if

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Slashing The Costs Of Renovations

From time to time, it becomes necessary to change up one or two of the rooms in your home. When this time comes around, it can be hard to know where to begin. But there is something that is bound

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Garden Rooms: The Last Refuge In Your Noisy Home

Image source When you are living up to your belly-button in cats and babies, and whatever else, finding a place of peace and quiet can be as important as it can impossible. But without moving to a big house or

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Time To Get All Green Fingered: Top Tips To Make Use Out Of Your Garden

Spring is officially here and with that comes the excitement of getting outdoors. It’s especially important when you have young children to enjoy some fresh air, and the garden is the ideal space to enjoy it. No matter the age

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Things to consider when planning an outdoor play area for children.

In my “other job”, I work with families and children, for a small charity.  We currently are working on a possible project that may be coming to fruition in the next year or so, and it has taken me beyond

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The Comfy Trinity

Regardless of individual tastes in decor and design, everyone wants a comfortable home.  After all, this is where you spend the bulk of your free time, and having drafts, leaky windows and other little irritations can really bring down our

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What keeps your house warm?

Nobody likes bad weather. But have you considered how difficult it is for your house? Weather can affect your house and create significant damages to its structure – and to your well-being. From rain creating disruptive flooding conditions, to extreme

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