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Summer holidays? Found some headlice? Don’t panic!

*This is a partnership post, written with Hedrin* In the UK it’s the summer holidays. Most children are breaking up from school this week and next. We have a long, hopefully relaxing and lovely break ahead before the children go

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Keeping track of your blood pressure and health with Braun iCheck7

*this is a product review and follow up post, all opinions are my own* I shared a few weeks ago about trying out a new health monitor from Braun to keep track of my heart rate and blood pressure. A

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Top Ways of Taking Care of Aging Parents

For people everywhere, parents are a gift of God. It is because of them that the kids have seen the light of this world. Their presence and role are undeniable in the life of any kid. They are the ones

Tips for Healthier Sleeping Routines for Your Family

Not everyone realises it, but sleeping well keeps you healthier for longer. It also improves your mental health and makes you feel generally more alive during the day, even when you have a lot on your plate. That’s why you

Why Spending Time is the Sun is Good for You

Spending time in the sun makes most of us feel better within ourselves. Although we are cautioned about protecting our skin, the vitamin D sunshine creates in our skin is vital for our wellbeing. But it isn’t just the sunshine


This last weekend, we had a fun Sunday afternoon. My small son tripped and fell and managed to gash his head. When he came running towards me and I saw blood pouring from under his hand, covering the gash, I

Allergy alert jewellery doesn’t have to be boring…

I have an allergy. It’s a relatively common allergy, but it can be potentially fatal, if it’s not known about.  I am allergic to penicillin. This is something I developed when I was in my early teens, about 13, and

I run on iron…

The last few months for me, have made me very aware of how my body works, and what it needs to be fully functioning and keeping me going. I am a busy working mother, with a child who doesn’t sleep

Keeping track of your health with Braun

We all know it’s important to look after our health, and we see enough news and media information about all the things we should be thinking about, worrying about, working on and taking care of, to keep ourselves healthy and

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Saying hello to Spring with Biocare

We all know we are supposed to eat well and feed our bodies what they need, and make sure we are getting the right vitamins, minerals and nutrients we need to stay healthy, strong and well. Having a vitamin deficiency

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