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Keeping going with Pharmaton

*this is a collaborative post, I was kindly sent some product to review. All opinions are my own* As a busy working mum and wife, I don’t get a lot of time to sit around just watching the world go

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Why I support the restricting of laxatives from sale within the UK…

*this post discusses eating disorders, the use of laxatives, bulimia and mental health. If any of these are a trigger issue for you, it may be best you don’t read on. However, if you read this and would like to

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Not pregnant yet, but feeling very positive thanks to Ava.

    I shared a few weeks ago that I was trying out the Ava Fertility Bracelet. A clever tracker device that you slip onto your wrist before you go to sleep, that when worn for the recommended time, can

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How to Ensure You’re Healthy

As you get older, you may feel like it’s becoming more of a struggle to feel good about yourself. Do you look in the mirror and think, ‘I wish I could turn back the clock to when I was 21?’

Bug bites and itchy stings? Antisan to the rescue…

*This is a collaborative post with Anthisan, all opinions are our own* Bug bites and stings have to be one of my most hated things. I have lived in and grown up around the world in all sorts of places,

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Choosing a Family Doctor

If you’ve recently moved or looking for a change, choosing a family doctor is the first step toward managing your family’s healthcare needs. Your family doctor is your medical home. He or she is the doctor you visit for most

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I don’t want to breathe in other people’s vape fumes!!

I heard on the news that the powers that be in the UK are pushing for people to be allowed to vape on public transport and other places.  Apparently, even though vaping hasn’t really been around long enough to actually

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Dozing Off Made Easy

Credit Getting to sleep isn’t always so easy. Even though you might think that you should be really tired after your busy day, you might still find it difficult to drop off once your head hits the pillow. There are

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Taming psoriasis. The blog post where I confess my hairwashing habits that work…

Psoriasis is horrible. I have suffered with it, since I was 12 or 13. I mainly struggle with patches on my scalp and behind my ears and on my neck. I have tried a lot of treatments, shampoos, ointments, creams,

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Fixing a Long Term injury to your Teeth

If you have ever taken a heavy blow to your mouth or jaw that resulted in severe damage to your teeth or gums, such as a sports injury where you were hit with a ball, racket, club or bat, you

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