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How to get the best deal through online catalogues

Online shopping has become the latest trend. Many of us keep browsing to get the best deals. But have you ever tried online catalogues? Do you know it can help you to choose the finest products? If you have not

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Managing Your Finances as a Family

*this is a collaborative post* image source Finances are a big part of life that can’t be escaped. When you have a family, they become even more important. Your income usually has to be divided and you’ve got to start

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What To Do When A Family Member Sustains An Injury     

While you don’t want to see a family member experience any type of injury, it’s not always a preventable situation. Accidents happen, and what is truly important is that you’re there for your loved one when they’re hurting and need

3 Common Reasons for Contesting a Will  

Be mindful that contesting a will is not an easy or cheap process, so you may want to think twice before moving forward with your actions. However, it’s also possible there is good reason for why you want to contest

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Replacing doors and windows before winter hits…

Summer is almost over. I say that because I am hoping for a few more weeks of warm and sunshine, as the children go back to school and the summer holiday ends, before we start to feel autumn arrives and

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Finding the right scanning tools to check your car…

Car maintenance can be an expensive thing. It’s also not something you can avoid, if you want to keep your car running smoothly and safely. Having your car checked regularly to make sure that it’s in good condition and that

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Looking back and looking forward…

I feel rather old, when I think about our life, and that I am in theory a grown adult, with adult responsibilities. I remember looking at my own parents making what seemed like very grown up decisions about life, like

Save big with these car maintenance Do’s & Don’ts

Our family car is about to take a visit to the local garage for it’s annual MOT and check up to make sure that it’s safe to drive and that it meets all the legal safety requirements to be declared

Finding great deals doesn’t have to be hard

I love a good bargain, and sale shopping is something I try and make a habit of, because if you can find something you are looking for on sale or at a discount, then why wait.  As a busy working

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My Netflix fix…

So I have been tagged by Caroline who blogs over at Carolyn Blogs to chat about my Netflix habits. I have only been properly using Netflix for about 6 months, when we started to subscribe to it after a free

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