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5 Great Reasons to Adopt a Cat

If you’re not yet sure whether or not you should get a cat for your home, we’re here to help convince you that you should. For a start, adopting a cat is a good thing to do because you’ll be

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More than 9 lives… week 1. Voucher giveaway.

If you follow our blog at all or social media you will possibly be aware that our grand old lady cat Layla turned 13 (human years, which makes her in her 70’s in cat years) recently and for us this

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A treasured memory of your pet with Arty Lobster

We all love our pets and some of us, take photos of them, to keep memories of the things they get up to, or just because we want to have some lovely photos of them. I take a lot of

A tail of ticks and Hibbiscrub

That my friends is a very unhappy camper in cat form. You see a bottle of Hibbiscrub and a rather annoyed looking cat. You are wondering what the connection is? Layla had a little friend. A nasty, biting, blood sucking

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Helping your kitten or cat cope with changes…

Helping a cat a cat or kitten cope with change in their homes, routines or lives can be a bit tricky. Moving house, introducing a new baby, or even a puppy, like we are thinking of, needs a bit of

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The cats are NOT happy….

The cats are not happy.  Why are the cats not happy? The children are happy. We’ve moved rooms around. The small boy has a new bigger space for all his Lego, cars and toys, and the tween has her own

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Keeping Your Cat Bright Eyed And Bushy Tailed

It can often be very easy to tell when an animal doesn’t quite get the care which it needs. Their eyes will look flat, their coat will lose its old shine, and they probably won’t quite be acting themselves. Alongside

Preventing dehydration in your cat…

As a pet owner, there are things I have to do, to look after the health and well being of the pets in my care. This is mostly day to day health, making sure they are eating a healthy diet,

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Layla’s mid life crisis…

Something is up with the cat.  Mostly, she’s normal. Well, normal for her, if you call being taciturn, grumpy, hating everyone, demanding human food, abusing the other cat, and regularly depositing hair balls in delightfully unexpected places, normal.  But she

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Whinniepedia – A Beginners Guide to Caring for Your Horse

Photo by Sebastian Abbruzzese on Unsplash Owning a horse is not for everyone. There’s the investment of time, money and resources as well as the simple practicalities, like the space required and the knowledge and experience to adequately care for such a large,

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