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Layla’s mid life crisis…

Something is up with the cat.  Mostly, she’s normal. Well, normal for her, if you call being taciturn, grumpy, hating everyone, demanding human food, abusing the other cat, and regularly depositing hair balls in delightfully unexpected places, normal.  But she

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Whinniepedia – A Beginners Guide to Caring for Your Horse

Photo by Sebastian Abbruzzese on Unsplash Owning a horse is not for everyone. There’s the investment of time, money and resources as well as the simple practicalities, like the space required and the knowledge and experience to adequately care for such a large,

5 Worst and Best Dog Breeds for Families

Choosing the right dog for your family is important, especially if you have young children. Choosing the right dog breed is not only essential for your security, but for the well-being of the dog as well. Different dogs have different

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How to Sell Your House with Pets

The process of selling your home seems bad enough. Not only do you have to search for the perfect real estate agent who can help you through the process seamlessly, but you also have to pack up and move during

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How to Go Camping with Your Cat

It may not seem like a very common thing that people do, but if you love your cats then you should be happy to know that bringing your feline friend along with you on your next camping trip is perfectly

Babywipes in the bathroom, but not for the kids…

 As much as I know how bad babywipes are, they are damn useful. Babywipes have been part of my life, for a long time. I have used them in one way or another for nearly 22 years. I have  wiped

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PURE cat food, approved by picky cats…

We have two cats. You probably know that by now, if you read this blog. We have Layla, who was my baby before the children arrived, and is grumpy, fluffy, has a taste for human food, and really doesn’t like

How difficult is it to take your dog on holiday abroad?

No one likes to leave their four-legged friends behind when they go on holiday, but how easy is it to take your dog abroad? As we are seriously considering adding a puppy/dog to our household in the next year or

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My Sunday Photo

  Grumpy Cat loves this time of year…  (No cats were harmed in the taking of this photo, a human may have been glared at though!) 

The Cat Owner’s Guide to Getting a Dog

Cats and dogs are supposed to not get along, and yet mixed households like these are not only numerous, but they are happy. You can have a dog and a cat in the same home, and better yet, these two

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