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PURE cat food, approved by picky cats…

We have two cats. You probably know that by now, if you read this blog. We have Layla, who was my baby before the children arrived, and is grumpy, fluffy, has a taste for human food, and really doesn’t like

How difficult is it to take your dog on holiday abroad?

No one likes to leave their four-legged friends behind when they go on holiday, but how easy is it to take your dog abroad? As we are seriously considering adding a puppy/dog to our household in the next year or

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My Sunday Photo

  Grumpy Cat loves this time of year…  (No cats were harmed in the taking of this photo, a human may have been glared at though!) 

The Cat Owner’s Guide to Getting a Dog

Cats and dogs are supposed to not get along, and yet mixed households like these are not only numerous, but they are happy. You can have a dog and a cat in the same home, and better yet, these two

Cats needs some Christmas Treats too… Happy Catvent!

It’s the first day of December, and for many people (including adults) that means getting out advent calendars and having 24 days of something special in the countdown to Christmas Day. Some people have chocolate filled calendars, some have traditional

Pets — should they be in your bedrooms or not?

If you follow our blog or social media or blog, you will know we have two very demanding cats who think that the best place to sleep is on the human beds in our house. It’s always been a slight

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Five Benefits of Shopping for Dog Food Online

Stocking up on dog food is essential to keeping your four-legged friend happy and healthy. However, driving around to find the right dog food can be tiring and time consuming. This is why companies such as Vet Products Direct sell

5 Most Kid and Family Friendly Dog Breeds

When looking for a dog to adopt or buy, you should narrow down your search to breeds that are friendly to both parents and their kids. There are actually some dog breeds that are better with people than others and

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A cat’s tail of woe…

This is a cat’s tail (see what I did there?) of woe, otherwise entitled, “Jasper got in fight and we had ANOTHER trip to the vet…” Jasper is a bit of a rogue, he’s a bit like Del Boy from

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4 Ways Dogs Are Helping People with Medical Conditions

(image used with permission) While we adore dogs for all the cute stuff they do, they are, in fact, capable of doing much more! Our beloved furry pals are highly trainable and they possess a keen sense of smell and

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