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Finding their way home – By Nicky Copeland

If you know our blog at all, you know we love our cats and that Layla was a rescue kitten, and we are passionate about cats having good, loving homes and being cared for. Cats are amazing, intelligent and funny

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Project 365 – a photo a day 06/09/18

Why do the humans think I would want to play with such a silly looking item?

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Project 365 – a photo a day 08/08/18

Happy International Cat Day

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Cat Humour wins… A giveaway

If you are regular reader of our blog you will know that we celebrated a special birthday recently and turned 13, which makes her about 75 in cat years… Then, as a tiny ball of fluff, rescued and nursed back

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My Sunday Photo – whilst the humans are away…

So Jasper, the humans have left us for their holiday, which is very rude of them. We don’t get to go on holiday. What say we persuade the cat sitter to have an early night tonight and we invite all

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Why Do Dogs Sleep in Weird Positions?

Dog owners will understand how wonderful and funny these furry creatures can be. These adorable fellows are the best friends that one can ask for. It might seem that you understand them fully but in reality you don’t. However, much

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5 Great Reasons to Adopt a Cat

If you’re not yet sure whether or not you should get a cat for your home, we’re here to help convince you that you should. For a start, adopting a cat is a good thing to do because you’ll be

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More than 9 lives… week 1. Voucher giveaway.

If you follow our blog at all or social media you will possibly be aware that our grand old lady cat Layla turned 13 (human years, which makes her in her 70’s in cat years) recently and for us this

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A treasured memory of your pet with Arty Lobster

We all love our pets and some of us, take photos of them, to keep memories of the things they get up to, or just because we want to have some lovely photos of them. I take a lot of

A tail of ticks and Hibbiscrub

That my friends is a very unhappy camper in cat form. You see a bottle of Hibbiscrub and a rather annoyed looking cat. You are wondering what the connection is? Layla had a little friend. A nasty, biting, blood sucking

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