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Sprucing Up Those ‘Forgotten’ Rooms

Most homes, especially family homes, always have a room or two that have been rejected on the decorating side of things. Usually, because they are low on the scale of ‘important rooms.’ As your children grow their bedrooms go through

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100 things to learn before you’re 10

If anyone asked me, at the moment, I would say that this stage of parenting we are going through with a tweenager, rapidly running into actual teenaghood, is the hardest bit we have been through yet. I know that all

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The domestic chore I hate the most…?

I don’t know about you, but I have a small list of domestic chores I loathe. They are things that have to be done, in order to keep the house from either smelling/or becoming less than pleasant to live in.

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It’s hard to say goodbye to even the smallest of pets…

Some sad news from our pet’s corner of the Mad House of Cats & Babies. Our smallest furry friend, Scruffy the Hamster, died, last month.  He was much loved, even if he was small, grumpy and had a tendency to

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Please stop telling my kid to take her glasses off…

This is a rant. Aimed at no doubt the thoughtless amongst us. My child wears glasses. She has inherited not only my short sighted vision, but also the astigimatism and a genetic eyelid condition that means that she will, for

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Plastic is rubbish, can we do anything about it…?

We are a consumer family. I know that. We rely on a lot of items of convenience, to get us through our daily lives. It’s something I half feel guilty about and half accept, simply because life for us is

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Creative fun with SpiraLite

Does anyone remember spirographs and using those plastic shapes to draw endless patterns in multicolours. Ok, so I am old, I know but that was a huge and fun part of my childdhood and kept me and my friends busy

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Back to school with Hedrin

It’s that time of year. School aged children are going back to school, or are starting school. The summer holiday has ended and we gear up school runs and back to normal routine. As a mum of two children, I

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Creative Ways To Say ‘Thank You’

‘Thank you’ is a part of everyday vocabulary. You say it when someone keeps a door open for you or makes you a cup of tea and probably leaves your mouth more times than you realise. It will also be

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Extra Touches That Help You Care For Your Pet

You love your pet, and that’s why you’re always on the lookout to make sure you’re doing what’s best for them. Part of this means being open to going above and beyond to take care of your pet. Checking off

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