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How to help your child adjust to a new sibling…


While the majority of children look forward to the arrival of a new baby, some do change their minds once they arrive. They might suddenly start being naughty or craving your attention more than usual. Some children will even regress

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Squeeze my hand…


Matthew and I have a secret code, something I taught him (and actually his sister too) for when he is really struggling. When life with SPD is getting to him, or he is somewhere he is finding hard. I tell

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Football fun with Lidl

My small boy is a bit football mad and loves kicking his ball round, playing with his mates in the playground and watching matches on the TV.  So a visit to the  Lidl football Zone at the Royal Bath &

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Watching butterflies…(and a giveaway)

Butterfly garden

My children love learning about nature and are very curious and interested in all sorts of things animal and plant related. It’s something I encourage and the reason why we have pets, some unusual, and some more normal. (we currently

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Getting my confidence back with Bio Oil (and a giveaway)

Bio oil

I am nearly 40, my body has been through weight gain and weight loss, two pregnancies, and there are some scars and marks to prove it. I have stretch marks on my tummy & thighs. I am mostly ok with

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Gas Safety awareness in the home. What we do?

gas flame

As a parent, there are a lot of things that I have to be responsible for, in the home, in terms of safety. One area is safety and care of gas appliances in our home. We live in a house

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Please don’t be scared…


To tell me you are pregnant.  Yes, I’m struggling a little (OK, a lot) with the idea that I might not fall pregnant again, and am facing the possibility that we are “done”.  Yes, it’s a little hard for me

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The guilt still remains…


If you follow us on social media at all you would have seen these posts from this past weekend where I shared about how my small boy was struggling with an ear infection then a perforated ear drum.  It was

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I wish I’d had one of these for my babies – Baby Grippum review and giveaway…


So, my babies aren’t really babies any more, and although we would like to add another baby to our family, right now I don’t use highchairs or all the things that come with a small baby when they start to

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Message in a bottle, personalised books for children.


We are very excited here, to share about something we think is wonderful and that we think our readers will love. No it’s not the Sting song or the movie. This Message in a Bottle is personalised children’s book. It’s

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