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There is no motherhood standard…

There isn’t. There is no set of goals, or a target to be reached or a prize to be won. There is no policy or plan that you need to implement in order to be “the best” or “better than”

Keeping Your Cat Bright Eyed And Bushy Tailed

It can often be very easy to tell when an animal doesn’t quite get the care which it needs. Their eyes will look flat, their coat will lose its old shine, and they probably won’t quite be acting themselves. Alongside

Safe and gentle cleaning with Nimble – a giveaway

My children are not babies any more, but because I work with families and small children in my other job, I do a lot of cleaning and clearing up of messes still, and I do clean up mess at home,

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Tweenagers are basically toddlers…

 If you are reading this, and you are in the throws of the toddler years and are wondering when it will get easier and saner, this post is not meant to make you despair, but I can tell you, and

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Preventing dehydration in your cat…

As a pet owner, there are things I have to do, to look after the health and well being of the pets in my care. This is mostly day to day health, making sure they are eating a healthy diet,

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Yes, I’ve gone meat free…

So I hadn’t planned to share this news. I’ve kind of hinted and mentioned it in passing on social media and over on my instagram feed I’ve been sharing as I stopped eating certain things but it’s slowly becoming more

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Exploring Shopkins fun with their Happy Places app

Shopkins? What’s that? If you don’t know, they are a range of tiny collectible toy characters based on household items, with little faces, from Moose Toys. They are tremendously popular and a firm favourite amongst kids and provide endless hours

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Mother’s Day, always bittersweet…

When my mother died, for the longest time afterwards I was angry at her. I felt she had abandoned us, left us, not tried hard enough to stay. It took me a long time to come to a place where

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My Mother’s Day plans…

If you live in the UK, you may know it’s Mother’s Day this weekend. If you have forgotten this is your reminder, go get a card! 😉 We generally keep Mother’s Day low key. There are no extravagant gifts and

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Four tips for helping your child to recover from an illness

One of the biggest struggles to face as a parent are the times when your little ones get sick. Instead of spiraling into a panic and assuming the worst, it is vital that you take control of the situation. Firstly,

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