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Humans are silly


Jasper and Layla here. We have catnapped the blog for a few minutes to have a rant.  Humans are silly, in fact they are downright weird, and frankly, a bit annoying sometimes. We honestly don’t think that they really actually

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Helping to make potty training easier with Huggies & a chance to win a potty training kit…


So my children are out of nappies now, and they both potty trained with very few issues. I have worked with children and families for almost 20 years now and have, in my time, potty trained a fair number of

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Can you parent without shouting?


I shout too much. I seem to find myself in the position of Army Major, where I am barking (shouting) at my family, mainly my kids, a lot. I have plenty of  what seem like reasonable excuses. I am tired,

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Pet insurance, do you or don’t you?


We are an animal filled household (you would never guess, from our blog name, would you?) Our main pets our are cats, Layla and Jasper. Layla has some long term health issues that we see a vet for, due to

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That time I found out I had head lice, in Paris …

Effell Tower headlice

I don’t remember ever getting or being treated for head lice, as a child. I am sure I did have them, it’s such a common thing in childhood. However, I do remember the first time I realized I had them

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Nitty Gritty takes the stress out of headlice – a giveaway…

Nitty gritty comb

OK, so when head lice  invades your children and family’s hair, it can be stressful. You have to deal with them, get rid of them, and make sure they’re gone and stay gone but because getting head lice is such

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Getting kids to eat healthily doesn’t have to be a struggle…

Fruit post

  Getting kids to eat healthily sometimes can be a struggle but it doesn’t have to be.This collaborative post has some great tips and ideas. Getting children to eat their greens is an age old struggle that most parents are

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Something exciting is coming…The Hair Helper

Hair Helper

We here in the Mad House of Cats & Babies are very excited about a new product that is going to be launched soon. We’ve seen it, and LOVE it and we know it will make that sometimes stressful “getting

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Little House of Science


As a parent I am always keen to be aware of what’s out there to help & encourage my children learn. Both LSH and I love science, me being the chemistry and biology person and him being the physics and engineering

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Boys can dance too

boys can dance too

My boy has taken a while to find his feet and feel confident enough to take part in group activities. He struggled for the longest time, both before we knew that his ears were causing him issues, and post grommet

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