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There’s a rabbit in my kitchen… 


And it’s not going a pot for a casserole… 😉 Sadly, one of our bunnies died in the summer. We aren’t sure why. He was perfectly alive and happy one night when we put him in his cage and fed

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Children’s Book Christmas Present Challange with Penguin Books…


We love reading and our whole family shares a love of books, and we encourage the children to read, both fiction and non fiction. Books make the perfect gift and there is always a book that you can pick for

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Top Tips to Take Care of Cats


Sharing a post with some top tips on how to care for your cats… Cats are some of the most popular pets for humans. Although they can be sensitive, they are tremendously good companions. Most cats enjoy their own time

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The Nutcracker on Ice – perfect Christmas Family Fun


I’m a huge ballet fan, and I have two children currently taking dance classes with a local ballet school and they are becoming familiar with the classics of ballet. One of my top favourites is The Nutcracker. It’s a perfect

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Would getting up an hour earlier help?


I happened across a conversation on a parenting Facebook page where they were discussing how someone had written a book that basically solved all the problems of your average woman today, who has a life and children and possibly is

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She needs glasses. She’s ok with it. Her mum isn’t, just yet! 


We’ve had a visit to the opticians and news I kind of knew was coming. My biggest needs glasses. She’s been telling me for a few weeks that seeing the board at school is harder, that her head hurts because

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Perfect snacks for on the go, from GoAhead…


I am a pretty busy person. I work, and I also juggle family life, and a whole host of things, and most days I am pretty busy and on the go.  When I get peckish, I like to be able

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Home is where the heart is. Keeping your home safe this Christmas…


Christmas is a lovely and exiting time of the year. We get busy, there are lots of parties and fun, family and friends visiting or being visited, presents arriving and being given, and life can get a bit crazy. This

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Stérimar saves the day when colds invade…(and a giveaway!)


It’s that time of year. The children are well into the autumn term, the days are darker earlier, the weather is colder, and winter germs seem to lurk everywhere. My social media feed is as clogged as a snotty nose,

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Apophy what…?


Emily here. I am grumpy and cross. I am going to tell you why… I got to take some time off school today YAY, you would think? But I had to go to the hospital instead NOT SO YAY, actually. 

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