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Walking to school safely with the Churchhill Lollipopper Fund


My childhood journey to school was very different from the one I take now with my children every day. I lived abroad for some of the time, so getting to school was not always typical to what children do here

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My boy is 6!

How did that happen? Where has time gone? My funny, feisty, loving, brave, clever, creative boy, is 6.  Happy Birthday, beautiful boy.  Newborn, and now 6. Don’t mind me, I am just going to have a mummy moment, and shed a

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Great gift ideas for young children…


When your children start school, there are a lot of things that come with it. The routine of the school scheduling, school holidays and homework to name a few. One thing that does happen, like it or not, is all

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When Mum says yes to chocolate breakfast cereal?


We generally don’t eat breakfast cereal in our house. I’m not keen on many brands of cereal because I find  they are loaded with sugar and other  stuff. My kids think it’s a HUGE treat when I buy a box

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Fruity snacks from Bear, perfect for lunchboxes!


Ah, lunchboxes. What to put in them, that’s healthy, filling, but nutritious, and will the kids actually eat what you pack? I like to pack a treat in my children’s lunchboxes but I’m conscious that it needs to be something

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Getting birthday party supplies sorted? (and a giveaway)


Ah, party planning for kids. Not something I find easy, and it sometimes can be a bit stressful, to be honest.  I have a little boy about to turn 6 (how did THAT happen, he was only a baby yesterday,

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Can giving up your phone for a week really save you money?


That sounds like a really silly question? But can being without your mobile phone for a week really save you money? Is it possible to survive without a device that so many of us use and rely on? challenged

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Surviving chickenpox?


So, if you read this blog, or follow us on social media, you will know that we are quarantined with chickenpox at the moment. In fact, the patient, is sitting, looking very spotty, next to me, as I type this,

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Some helpful tips to keep pets safe (featuring Layla)

Layla 1

We were delighted to be asked to share some tips on how to keep your pet healthy and safe, recently, with Wayfair, and we were able to share some of our tips for keeping human food loving cats (ahem, I

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Stuff we love – March 

Stuff we love

Things we like or love that have helped ease use through a rather stressful month of March. We’re a bit behind, it’s now April, sorry about that.  A bit of beauty therapy:      Liz Earle’s hair oil, perfect for

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