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Why I won’t be giving up my seat on the bus any time soon…

I don’t drive. I choose not to. I don’t like it and my anxiety makes driving incredibly stressful and not worth the effort. I don’t currently have a valid licence to drive. So I use public transport daily for journeys

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Chocolate making and tasting with Red Letter Days

If you love chocolate (who doesn’t??) like me, and enjoy tasting different kinds, and appreciate really good quality chocolate, and also fancy a go at making things with chocoloate, then you will want to hear more about a chocolate tasting

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Inspiring Ways To Revitalise Your Living Room

If you haven’t decorated your living room in a few years, the walls may be looking a bit tired, the cornicing might have seen better days and the plush carpet that you thought was such a good idea at the

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Are you getting enough vitamind D?

I often make jokes about vitamin D and getting my daily dose when the sun decides to shine here in London. However, I do also take vitamin D consumption and how much we need seriously because actually getting enough into

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Why Nursing Is a Great Career Choice for Women

Historically, nursing has been one of the few professions offering women a very good chance for career progression. Despite the advances we have made in terms of gender equality, women are still often overlooked for career progression opportunities in favor

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Mum of tween fail!!!

So, of course, I am the perfect mother. My house is immaculate, and I have life incredibly well organised, my children only ever eat organic, fully home made foods, never any junk food or treats, they do all their homework,

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Kick starting autumn with SML and a giveaway….

 I don’t know about you, but I don’t find the summer break condusive to eating that healthily or resist all the lovely food and drink that tends to come my way, with summer parties, weddings, picnics and all. Also, this

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Warming winter slow cooked chilli

I love autumn, for many reasons, including the colours as the season changes, and the excuse to pull out warmer, fluffier clothes, and also because it means I can pull out my slow cooker which has been gathering a bit

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Scientific Benefits of Having a Pet Cat

Studies have demonstrated that simply watching cat recordings on the web can support a man’s energy and make positive feelings—so it’s nothing unexpected that real feline possession has various advantages. Here are a few. Owning a Cat Is Better For

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Declutter and make a bit of cash, with eBay…

It’s that time of year for me, where I start to get a bit twitchy about getting the house tidy and in order for autumn and winter. I don’t just do spring cleaning, I also like to have a big

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