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My Sunday Photo

  Grumpy Cat loves this time of year…  (No cats were harmed in the taking of this photo, a human may have been glared at though!) 

It’s Time To Get Comfy For The Winter! No matter what your opinion on the winter might be, whether you’re a huge fan of getting snuggled up when it’s chilly, or you can’t wait for the summer to come back, there’s no denying that it’s not really

7 Little Things To Remember When Renovating Your Home

Renovating your home can be an exciting time for anyone, but it can also induce stress and anxiety too if the right steps aren’t taken beforehand. While the perfect scenario would be for everything to go smoothly, it’s unlikely that

The Cat Owner’s Guide to Getting a Dog

Cats and dogs are supposed to not get along, and yet mixed households like these are not only numerous, but they are happy. You can have a dog and a cat in the same home, and better yet, these two

Making The Bedroom Festive

Image source he bedroom is one of the places in our houses which often is forgotten when we are looking to decorate the home for Christmas. Where we spend hours going through our living room adding the tree, festive garlands

Getting Christmassy with an Ora craft giveaway…

Christmas is coming, already my social media feed is full of Christmas food, décor, gift ideas, and fun. I am slowly working up to buying all the presents, meal planning, making sure we have lights for the tree, finding the

Making Your Home More Practical

When you have kids, pets and a husband to look after, a blog to write, and well a million other things to do, the last thing you want is for your home to take up too much of your time

An Eco-Friendly Home Is a Happy Home

Everyone wants to run the perfect household. You have to get the kids to school on time, feed the pets, cook delicious dinners and keep the cushions fluffed and bouncy at all times. Not to mention the time constraints we

Travelling in the third trimester: 5 tips to keep you safe

Pregnancy shouldn’t be a reason to avoid travel – but when you’re in your third trimester, it’s understandably more difficult. With plenty more considerations to bear in mind when it comes to every aspect of the holiday, you’ll want to

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On the Road Again: Why You Need to Get Behind the Wheel

Image Source Anyone who drives will be able to tell you that having a set of wheels of your own can make the world your oyster. It offers you a level of freedom that means you’re no longer constrained by

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