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Easter doesn’t have to be boring if you have a food allergy, a Moo chocolate giveaway

Easter is coming. I am rather scared at how fast the year is going already, but Easter is on it’s way, and I have started thinking about Easter eggs and treats for the children.  I live with two boys with

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What not to say to a child with sensory processing disorder…

I plan to write another post about sensory processing disorder, what it is, how it affects children, and their families, and lives, and how we work around coping with it, actually it will probably be several posts, come to think

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Don’t be afraid to ask HMRC for help…

I know the words “the taxman” and “HMRC” (Her Majesty’s Revenue & Customs, to give it it’s proper name) can make some people feel a bit twitchy and anxious. It’s often hard not to think about paying taxes, keeping accounts

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Skin care that smells amazing and is good for your skin…

I am very picky  about what I put on my skin but when I find a product I like I usually become a full convert. If a product is made with ingredients I can understand, and is made in a

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Making Your Garden as Kid-Friendly as Possible

Picture Credit Summer is fast approaching and your little ones are likely to want to start spending more time in your back garden as the weather improves and they have longer periods of time off school. But things aren’t quite

Adventure fun with Zak Storm…

My small son has a wide variety of toys, that he likes to play with, some are educational, some are creative, some are just for fun and help him to use his imagination and keep him busy. He and I

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Why You Should Pay Attention To Your Tiredness

We all feel tired from time to time, and it’s not always perfectly clear why and how it happens. It’s not as simple as just saying that you need to get more sleep, although that is obviously a common cause.

Popping fun with Squeeze Poppers!

As I type this,  my children are playing happily together (rare nowadays, the tween finds her little brother very annoying and he loves to wind her up, I spend a lot of time being mum referee) and there are sounds

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My Sunday Photo

I was very lucky to have an afternoon off, this weekend, child free and spend time enjoying the amazing collection of art at the Wallace Collection in London. This was one of my favourites. A trip to an art gallery

Dear cystic acne, you suck…

Dear Cystic acne, You’re back. Mysteriously after months and months of absence you are showing your face. I thought I finally may have outgrown you, and that our twenty year plus relationship was finally over. But nope, just when I

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