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My Sunday Photo

Richmond Park, at dawn. It doesn’t really get much better than that…  Please do not copy my work, or use my photos. Thanks © 2017 karen reekieAll Rights ReservedOriginal content here is published under these license terms: X License Type:Read OnlyLicense Summary:You may read the original content in the context in which it is published (at

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I am sharing this because it’s cathartic for me. It helps me to get the words out and express myself, at a time when I tying to reconcile what is going on with my mind and my body. If you

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New Year, New You… Set of comedy DVD’s to giveaway

Did you make any resolutions arriving into 2017? I didn’t make very many, I am not good at keeping them, to be honest, but I have had some fun coming up with some things we could do to make 2017

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Slendertone as part of your routine…

I have shared my thoughts and experiences of using Slendertone  and how effective I have found it the system for helping to tone and firm up my mummy tummy (thanks to two pregnancies with big babies!) and have been blogging and

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My Sunday Photo…

Throw back to a time when radio was played on splendid pieces of furniture like this. Taken at the Imperial War museum, I rather fancy one for my house but I suspect the real thing is hard to get now… 

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Let’s get cosy – soft blanket giveaway…

So, apparently there’s a new concept in town, or maybe it isn’t a new concept, but just something revamped. This season it’s about Hygge and the Danish concept of comfort…  Whilst I don’t generally like clutter or too much stuff,

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New device in the house, new rules for the adults…

We have a 10 year old in the house, and the bonuses of being a tweenager and almost a teenager is that you are treated to more grown up gifts for your Christmas and birthday (especially when they fall so

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Dealing with fungal nail infections…?

Ok, so this is not my usual type of post, nor is it a particularly glamorous one, because the topic is toenails and toenail fungus… I know, I can already see you going “ew” and recoiling because not many people

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Saving Money On Your Baby Shopping While You’re Pregnant

Today, in this collaborative post we are talking about saving money when shopping for you and your baby when you are pregnant. It’s an exciting time but also a time when you may want to be aware of your financial

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I don’t wash my face…

Ok, so that does sound disgusting, and actually, the title of the blog isn’t quite correct but I wasn’t sure how to phrase it. Let me explain… I seem to have hit, a bad patch, hormonally. For whatever reason, my

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