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Date night with Mum…

I sometimes feel that in the madness of life, and also with the little bit of extra input her brother needs, that my tweenager occasionally feels a bit left out, or neglected. She’s generally quite easy going (well, except when

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What your home says about you…?

You might not think it, but your home says a lot about you. It’s an insight into how you live, what you value and a record of all the choices that you have made over the course of your life.

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What I really think about Mother’s Day…

Before I start what I really think, please note that I am very grateful for my little family who love me, and the friends around me who wished me a Happy Mother’s Day. I am NOT anti Mother’s Day. I

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The Jacky Ha Ha Mum & Daughter Book Club

I love a good book and recently delved into the world of Book Clubs, as an adult, finding it a good way to meet people, socially, to enjoy discussing books we are reading. They are fun and an easy way

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What’s for dinner? Thank goodness for Dolmio…

I am normally fairly organised when it comes  to meal planning and getting my family fed, but sometimes I just have one of those days where I want dinner to be easy, quick and of course something that the whole

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Why Cats Make Great Emotional Support Pets

Cats are fluffy, affectionate and independent creatures that make for great emotional support pets. Since they require little attention and effort, owning a cat can be extremely beneficial especially for someone with an emotional disability. Here we will look at

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Old School Play Made Modern For Today

We can all think of at least a few occasions when someone has told us that things were better in the past. They’ll say: “X number of years ago, we didn’t have all this!” – and “this” can mean anything

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Human Foods That Cats Can and Cannot Eat

This helpful collaborative post may be useful, if like me, you have a cat who thinks it is human and likes to eat things it really shouldn’t… Photo used with permission   Most people think that cats eat just about

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I interfered. I am glad I did…

*Trigger warning for domestic abuse* So I’m in a cafe. I’m having a much needed half an hour break from what has been a busy day, before I go and collect the children from school and then onto the afternoon

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Sorting a mortgage – It’s a piece of cake…

I recently was very lucky to spend a rather fun day,  making a cake. Not just any old cake, and not at home. I spent the day with a group of lovely bloggers, some whom I know, and some I

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