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We’ve been Bean Boozled…

bean boozled

Bean Boozled Now, you may have heard of the Bean Boozled challenge but have you actually done one? We have… last week the Reekie family did the bean boozled challenge and it was not a very delicious experience. The Bean

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Animal Tales

Animal Tales Badge Final

I am delighted and honored to be hosting Animal Tales this week, whilst Rosie is away. I am really looking forward to hearing what the animals in your life have been up to, and seeing some lovely photos. This week, I have shared

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Cats with collars?

Layla collar

So recently we found out that our younger, slightly naughtier cat has been up to no good. Our next door neighbor has turtle doves. He bought them as a gift for a loved one and they are very pretty. They

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When you forget to organise a babysitter, Deliveroo comes to the rescue…


I pride myself on being relatively organised. I have a phone, a notebook, a diary, post it notes festooned around the house, and two children who know I often misplace my keys, and will remind me to check if I

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Our week in photos – Birthday celebrations

Welcome to our Week in Photos. Snapshots of our week, usually with a grumpy cat thrown in, and always coffee… This week, amongst all the usual chaos, we had a birthday celebration for LSH, who is 21 again 😉 We

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My Sunday Photo

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Friday’s Rant – stop with the silly faces on Snap Chat…

This week is brief, I know, you all sigh with relief! 😉 I’ve joined SnapChat. It’s another social media app, and given I don’t know what I’m doing and already have a billion social media applications I can barely manage,

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How to look after your rabbits, by Emily.


As you know, we recently acquired some rabbits. Both children are thoroughly enjoying looking after them and playing with them. Emily is a bit of a geek, like her parents, but she is much more creative, than us,  so when

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When your pelvic floor ain’t what it used to be…


I don’t often write posts about my physical health or issues I might be struggling with, but occasionally I do. When I write them, I share in the hopes that I might be helping someone else, or at least that

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Am I the only one…?

Stuff I say to my kids

Who listens to myself speaking to my children in certain situations, whilst asking myself if I really do sound like a madwoman and that if anyone heard me out of context they would wonder what on earth was happening? Let

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