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Supermarket siesta week part 1 grocery basics – meat and veg

Supermarket Siesta

So during September we took a Supermarket Siesta for a week. You can read a bit more here   When I am meal planning for our family, meat and veg play a bit part of the shopping list. Normally I buy

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Clowns are not funny… Well scary ones aren’t…


The blog post where I will admit to being prepared to face being arrested if a scary clown comes my way… 😉 If you keep up with social media and the news you will know there has been an outbreak

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Sands Alive – sensory and creative fun…


I am a bit of a play-dough fan and if you have read our blog before you will know I like to make our own dough, and expiremtn with textures and colors. I have tried “play-dough sand” before both the

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Wrap your lunch differently and a giveaway…


I pack a lot of lunches in my house. Every day, we have a lunch box for each child, one for the Husband, and I try to include myself as well, to make sure I get lunch, rather than buying. 

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Can you survive without the supermarket? Take a Supermarket Siesta?

Supermarket Siesta

So a month ago, I wrote about taking a break from supermarket shopping. It’s not exactly my favorite pastime, so when the lovely team at Supermarket Siesta said “see if you can manage without it”, I thought it might  be

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Dear Facebook, no you can’t have my number but thanks for your concern for my privacy…


I haven’t had a rant about Facebook for a while so here you go…This is of course, tongue in cheek 😉 Dear Facebook. You want information about me. The more information I share with you, the more useful I am

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Message in a bottle – A beautiful gift!


It’s here, it’s here. The wonderful Message in A Bottle personalized children’s book we shared about earlier in the summer, has arrived! We were very excited. Me, because I have been honored to be part of the launch team helping to get the

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Fish tank therapy and caring for fish as pets, in your home…


The children and I recently had a fun morning out, visiting a place where Tetra, the fish and aquatics specialists, were hosting and sharing about fish, how to keep them properly, to help us learn about different breeds of fish,

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Making children take responsibilty for their pets?


I feel like I run a mini zoo, and no I am not talking about the children in our household but the pets… We currently have  a hamster, two cats, and two rabbits. The snail and the rabbits are “the

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Thinking ahead – planning a stress free holiday season…


September rolled in quickly a few weeks ago and just like that, we are in the last quarter of the year. This means that another year is creeping fast into us, and that Christmas and all the holiday cheer (and

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