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I am not always upbeat about being sleep deprived…


It’s no secret that I don’t get much sleep. My lovely boy doesn’t sleep that well, or goes through patches where sleep is pretty challenging. It sometimes is good, sometimes it isn’t. We are currently in a very rough patch,

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Mini Creations is back – show us your Valentine’s Day Crafts…

Mini Creations is back after a bit of a Hiatus. If you used to link up when it was hosted over at KidGLloves then we would love you to join us here. Kids does your Mum complain if you bring

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Deoderant that’s a bit different – Hippy Paste (and a giveaway)


  I am always on the look out for products that are effective but also kind to skin, and I like to try things that are a bit different too. Deodorants are a funny thing to blog about. It’s kind

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Stuff we love – January 2016


January hasn’t been the best month for us, with LSH recovering from a mild but not nice dose of pneumonia and then Emily and I getting flu but we have just about survived and coped. Some things that have got

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Top tips when decorating your child’s bedroom


We are about to move both children out of their shared room, into their own bedrooms, so we are looking at decorating each room and making them special for each child, whilst working within a budget. This helpful collaborative post

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Win some fabulous EzeeBats from EzeeSport


 You may have seen our other post about EzeeSport. They are a brilliant company who are working to help children get more active and enjoying sports of all kinds and work with children of all ages and abilities. They also

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Getting kids active with EzeeSport – giveaway time


  Getting kids active, involved in sports or activities they enjoy is a big thing these days. Government statistics and research is showing us that children are not as active as they should be, and parents, carers and teachers are

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Ora Towels – not just kitchen towel | Ora Home

Ora Kitchen Towel

When is kitchen towel not just kitchen towel?  Well, according to my small son, it;s when it come in a “packet that looks like a rocket” and to my daughter, when she can use it for all sorts of crafts

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A Valentines Day Giveaway


“The 5 Love Languages” by Gary Chapman is a book that comes highly recommended any time relationship books are brought up. The premise is that everyone has a different “love language,” and that to have a better relationship we need

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When do you draw the line with getting new pets?


So, my almost 6 year old (he tells me that, he refuses to be “just five” any more) announced recently that he wants a gecko for a pet, for his birthday. He wants to get a terrarium, set it up

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