Meet the residents of the Mad House of Cats and Babies….

Me – Karen:

Not quite 40 but possibly having the odd mid life crisis wobble. I work with children, in my day job, running parent/carer toddler groups and music groups for children, formerly a paediatric nurse & nanny. I love writing and sharing what I think, but also just to get the many thoughts stampeding around my head, out. I have battled with both Post Partum Anxiety, eating disorders as an adolescent,  and also am open about my current struggles and treatment for a mild anxiety disorder. 

I love cooking, baking, feeding my family, being with my children, although sometimes they do make me wonder if I will ever get a grip on this parenting malarkey. I haven’t really slept much since the children were born, so I dream of sleep, and also one day, being able to pee alone. I spend far too much time on social media, and am a bit of a geek for technology. I have had articles published in the Guardian newspaper, as well as other websites, and would love to, one make blogging a full time job. 

LSH – Charles:

Known as Long Suffering Husband or LSH. We have been married for 13 years, although I have known him for most of my adult life, since moving to London. He puts up with me, and the general madness of the Mad House, and is a great dad. He has written on the blog before, and I try to persuade him to get to the keyboard more often. 

Big Girl – Emily:

Aged 7, occasionally I see glimpses of the teenager she will grow into. Creative, caring, funny, and my first-born. She has taught me more about myself, and about parenting than all my years of being a nanny or a paediatric nurse ever did. She often writes posts for the blog, and will often tell me to “take a photo of that, Mum, you could share it on the blog”. I dread the day she starts her own, and gives everyone the breakdown on what life is really like round here…. 

Little Man – Matthew

(was known as Small Boy, but asked to have his name changed) 4, going on 13 most of  the time. Light of my life, scarily bright, boundless energy and generally keeps me on my toes. He didn’t sleep, and had issues with his behaviours, from about 9 months old. We spent two years trying to work out why he wouldn’t sleep, and didn’t handle life like a child his age should, until finally we found out he was suffering from chronic ear infections. One set of grommets and we had a totally different child. Life is now normal. He does have some mild sensory processing issues, but we are working to help him with those, and he loves life, and starts school in September, something I thought would never happen. 

Layla – Mad Cat 1:

Grumpy, spoiled, hates everyone, particularly people and especially small humans called children (she has never really forgiven me for having children, she was my baby before they came along) likes to eat human food, the spicier the better, and spends a lot of time hiding from small hands that want to love her. Named after the Eric Clapton song, because I am a big fan and LSH wouldn’t let me use it as a name for if we had a girl. 

Jasper – Mad Cat 2:

Perpetually hungry, good natured, whines a lot to be fed, puts up with being manhandled by the children, adores Layla, who hates him. He likes to sleep anywhere he can, and is obsessed with people using the toilet, if you come to our house, he will stalk you if you visit the bathroom

2 comments on “Meet the residents of the Mad House of Cats and Babies….
  1. Cy says:

    Love your blog from Falls Church, VA, USA! If you ever find yourselves in the DC area, you’ll have new friends to take you for dinner! Allergy style of course!


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