Meet the other residents of the Mad House of Cats and Babies….

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Charles (otherwise known as Long Suffering Husband or LSH)

We met at the Chinese State Circus, really, we did. He was introduced to me by a mutual friend. We’ve known each other for 18 years. We were friends for a long time and actually dated other people, who ended up marrying each other,  a sort of date swap thing, which worked out happily ever after.  We’ve been married for 12 years. He’s patient, kind, a brilliant Dad, a techy, computer geek, loves cycling and being with people. He supported me through Nursing College,  puts up with me, keeps me sane, listens to my rants and thinks I spend far too much time on Facebook and Twitter. He also beats me at Scrabble with alarming regularity.

Emily (Big Girl)

Aged 6.  My first-born, we’re very much alike, sometimes it’s like looking in a mirror. She loves swimming, ballet, she’s incredibly creative and arty, is very gentle and compassionate with others and is desperate for us to have another baby, in fact, she wants twins!

Matthew (Small Boy)

Aged 3 Light of my  life, my non sleeping, feisty, busy, intrepid, curious and we think, very intelligent little boy. He loves being out and about, music, dancing, and creating small pockets of chaos. He’s very affectionate, and is my little shadow.

Layla (Mad Cat 1)

Aged 7. Grumpy, unsociable,  has delusions of grandeur (she’s part Persian) doesn’t like people, children, or other cats. She has had her nose put out of joint by the arrival of Jasper. She likes chocolate cake, scrambled eggs, Thai Green curry, cheese sandwiches and tuna straight from the can. Loathes having her fur combed and drools when she’s happy (which isn’t often!)

Jasper (Mad Cat 2)

Aged 1.5 , he’s hitting kitty adolescence with a vengence.  Emily’s kitten. (yes, we bought her a kitten for Christmas, I know, cats are for life) He’s very friendly, loves being cuddled, puts up with being dressed up and manhandled by Emily, likes to sleep in her bed, permanently hungry, is very leery of toddlers (spends most of his day trying to run away from kitty loving Small Boy) he likes chasing imaginary things round the garden, adores Layla (who doesn’t return the sentiment) likes paprika flavoured crisps, anything with eggs or cheese in it, and loves ham sandwiches.

9  homicidal fish  (we did have 12, but the title is self-explanatory)

That’s the crew, my little family. I can’t imagine life without them…..

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