Me – Mother of Mad Cats & Babies

 Welcome to the ramblings of a suburban mother of two, going slightly insane, surviving motherhood and what life throws at me.


I’m Karen  aged 37, but pretending that I am 25, sadly my body refuses to co-operate.  Somewhat sleep deprived, striving to be a yummy mummy but failing miserably. I drink a lot of coffee, and mention gin occasionally. I trained as a pediatric nurse, first working in surgery at Great Ormond Street, London, then moved to working with children with special needs and health needs. Now I run parent/carer – toddler groups, and music groups for local parents at the church we belong to in Kingston. I was born in Malawi, Africa, and have been lucky enough to travel round the world, and live in some interesting places, due to my father’s job. I’ve lived in Africa, Finland, Thailand, Jordan, spent time in the US with family, and also been to many other places on our travels as a child and with LSH. We love South East Asia and one day would like to live there.

I’m passionate about breastfeeding (nursed both my babies past the age of 1) all sorts of parenting issues, trying to reduce the chemicals and plastic we use in our home, cloth diapering, alternative health sources.. My friends and family regard me as a bit of a mad Birkenstock wearing hippy, but I think they love me anyway.

I’ve battled eating disorders, both anorexia and bulima, Post Partum Depression and Post Partum Anxiety. I’ve seen both sides of the coin on mental health issues having been there myself, and lived with friends and family members struggling with mental health issues.

I like to knit, love to cook, and generally enjoy being at home with my children, although some days, a quiet desk job in an office somewhere, where there is no talk of poo, or playdough is tempting. One day I’ll be able to go to the toilet alone…..

You can meet the other residents of the Mad House here


5 Responses to Me – Mother of Mad Cats & Babies

  1. I have the same dream too . . . to be able to go to the bathroom without an audience. Enjoyed reading this page, very honest.

  2. What a lovely idea. A bucket list makes me look forward to Autum (well, almost….I am definitely a summer person!).

    • admin says:

      I don’t like the cold, that comes with autumn, but I do like it otherwise. I think growing up in warmer countries, where we didn’t have “autumn” has made me love it more now that I can enjoy it.

  3. Reaching out to my Wordless Wednesday community! I just started a Facebook Group called Mommy Bloggers Share and wanted to reach out to you. I’m always looking for great ways to connect to other mommy bloggers and see what other moms are writing about. I hope you’ll join me and share your own posts as well.

    See you there!

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