Happy Birthday to us – and a giveaway

Eight years ago, I started blogging. Eight years ago this month, I wrote a post on a creaky blogspot blog that I had created, and I wrote a post about my kids and how I couldn’t handle another day of whining and screaming. They were 4 months old and not quite four years old. I had had a long day and needed to get my feelings out. 

That post seems a long time ago. This blog has grown. I have grown. Motherhood has changed me, and I have written about as I have gone and my readers have supported me and us, put up with my rants and hopefully there has been some humour along the way. I have made friends and become part of communities that this blog allowed me to find. I have had some amazing opportunities come my way and worked with companies and people I would never thought would think our little corner of blogdom was worth considering. 

We have cried, we have laughed, we have learned. 

I have moments where I feel like giving up blogging. That I haven’t got anything interesting to say, or that when I compare our blog and myself to other blogs and bloggers, we aren’t really good enough to compete or carry on. 

But, this is my little corner of the internet, my space, that I have created and love. It has it’s ups and downs, it’s been hacked, I have had months were I haven’t written much, but it is still my space, where I can share, and also hopefully help people with our perspective on parenting and life. 

Eight years. My babies have grown. This blog has grown. 

We are due a bit of an update and a blog revamp. I have considered changing the blog name, because the children are not really babies any more, but it’s kind of us, and I don’t quite have the heart to change it. 

So, before we shut down in September for a few days to revamp the blog and update things, I thought we should celebrate with a giveaway for the readers who have supported us for so long.

I did a poll and asked and most of you voted for chocolate (my vote every time too) so we are delighted to have a special treat for you. 

We have two Everthing Chocolate Hampers from Hotel Chocolat to giveaway. Worth £27.50 with a selection of their favourites, we thought this would be the perfect treat to celebrate our blog birthday! 

Two winners will be chosen and will be sent one Hamper each. 

All you need to do to enter is to tell us if you think we should change the blog name or keep it the same, in the comments then click on the link to enter the giveaway.

Thank you to everyone, and good luck. Here’s to us getting to ten years! 

Happy Eight Birthday – a chocolate giveaway

The winners will be chosen on the 25th September. 


Two winners will be chosen, via Gleam. 

Winners must complete entry requirements. Spam entrants will be deleted. 

UK over 18 entrants only

No cash prize alternatives

Winners have 28 days to respond or a new winner will be chosen

Please see our GDPR policy for information on data storage and privacy

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35 comments on “Happy Birthday to us – and a giveaway
  1. Wise Ways says:

    I think the blog title needs tweaking slightly to say the mad house of cats and children which is the same essence but celebrates that your babies have grown up.

  2. Anthony Harrington says:

    I say keep it! It is like a familiar friend when I see the name come up, happy birthday!

  3. Tracy Nixon says:

    Keep it!

  4. Lisa Rowsell says:

    I think that you should keep it.

  5. Katie Scott says:

    Absolutely keep the name! No matter how old they get they are still our babies xxx

  6. Ellen Stafford says:

    Keep it! I love it 🙂

  7. Victoria Prince says:

    I think you should keep it 🙂 it’s a memorable name and after 8 years it’s very much part of “you”. I struggle when blogs “rebrand” after a long time – the new name just never quite seems to fit, even after years I still think of them in the old form!

  8. Kim Neville says:

    I think you should keep the name

  9. Michelle Pearson says:

    Noooooo, keep it the same. I love the name it makes me smile 😊

  10. Nicky Mansell says:

    Change can be hard but it’s nearly always good.

  11. Solange says:

    I think you should keep it.

  12. Judith Gunning says:

    Keep the name. Even though the babies are growing, it’s how we know you best. Happy 8th birthday, and wishing you many more of them too!

  13. Sarah Cool says:

    I would keep the name it’s catchy and it’s been your blog name for so long.

  14. Sarah Cool says:

    I would keep it it’s catchy and it’s been your blog name for so long

  15. melanie stirling says:

    I think you should change it slightly to something like growing children instead of babies.

  16. Cecilia Herrera says:

    I really hink you shoul keep the name, after all this time the name is very special to all of us 😊

  17. Mama Syder says:

    I think you should keep it.

  18. Rebecca Hall says:

    Happy birthday, I like the name!

  19. I feel the same about my blog, you’ve mirrored my thoughts exactly, there are good times and bad, self doubt and pride. Happy blogger birthday xxx

  20. Jade Hewlett says:

    I think you should keep it, I like it as it is!

  21. JAN COX says:

    Keep it as we’re familiar with your name xx

  22. Andrew Petrie says:

    Keep it if I were you . It’s quite catchy !

  23. frances hopkins says:

    Happy Birthday! I love the name

  24. Emma Jackson says:

    8 years! Amazing work!

  25. Margaret Gallagher says:

    Keep ! Sums up family life

  26. sharon martin says:

    i think you should keep it

  27. Natalie Newham says:

    I like the name!

  28. Kim Carberry says:

    I think you should keep it….It’s you!
    Congrats on 8 years blogging xxx
    Kim Carberry recently posted…My two girls at one school…

  29. cheryl hadfield says:

    I love the name … Happy Birthday

  30. Emma says:

    Definitely keep it!!!! It’s your brand xxx

  31. Francesca Mason says:

    Keep it – they’re still your babies after all 🙂

  32. Leona S Fisher says:

    Deffo keep the name! I really like it.

  33. I think it’s entirely up to you. Some people like to keep the familiarity but I know some pretty big blogs that have changed their name and it’s worked for them xx

  34. Nina says:

    I remember the 1st day I met you in our 1st NCT class, about 12 years ago. The lady taking the class asked everyone what they thought they would do career-wise once the babies arrived. You said “I’d like to do something online… Im not sure what yet, but that’s probably where Im headed…”. 🙂

  35. Abigail Cullen says:

    No, I feel you should keep it, it sums you up in a nutshell. 🙂

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