A quick and easy pancake recipe and a giveaway…

It’s Shrove Tuesday, or as many people know it, pancake day. If like me, you totally forgot about it until the last minute, and you are craving pancakes or your children are demanding them (I was woken at 6am this morning to be reminded of my promise to make my kids pancakes this morning) then don’t panic….

We have handy little video for you, from the lovely Theo Michaels (from This Morning and Masterchef) to show you how you can make some super quick and tasty pancakes in minutes…

He makes it look so easy, doesn’t he?

We also have a little giveaway to celebrate pancake day, for our readers!

One winner can win a copy of his fab book Microwave Mug Meals

which is a great recipe book full of ideas for meals you can make in miunutes, in a mug, in your microwave… 

All you need to do is tell us what you like to have with your pancakes when you make them and then enter via the Rafflecopter linky.

Good luck and happy pancake making and eating!

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115 comments on “A quick and easy pancake recipe and a giveaway…
  1. Tracy Nixon says:

    I love them served with lemon juice and sugar – I grew up loving them like that and still love them like that!

  2. Natalie Turner says:

    Thin pancakes for me with golden syrup on

  3. Solange says:

    I like pancakes with maple syrup.

  4. pete c says:

    like them done nice and crisp, with honey on

  5. iain maciver says:

    butter and golden syrup

  6. Karen Hall says:

    Just with lemon a& sugar

  7. HAYLEY PAYTON says:


  8. laura jones says:

    i like to keep it traditional with lemon and sugar

  9. Margaret Gallagher says:

    Crepe style with morello cherry and vanilla icecream

  10. Susan B says:

    It is difficult to find anything better than fresh lemon juice and sugar but some of the ready-made fruity icecream toppings such as passionfruit are lovely too, especially served with whipped cream.

  11. Katrina Adams says:

    I like them light and fluffy, smothered with Nutella and Strawberries.

  12. Sadiyya maryam says:

    Nice and crispy and drizzled with honey and lemon.

  13. claire Woods says:

    lemon and sugar for me.

  14. Annabel Greaves says:

    We love sugar, lemon juice and strawberry jam

  15. Samantha O'D says:

    American style with chocolate sauce and vanilla ice cream

  16. Cath English says:

    Nutella & banana. Yum!

  17. Charmaine Dance says:

    Chocolate chips and ice cream

  18. Angela Treadway says:

    maple syrup yummy x

  19. Carole Nott says:

    my favourite way is to serve them with lemon and sugar – a great combination that i always love

  20. DAWN WINSKILL says:

    I like savoury pancakes with baked beans and melted cheese

  21. Victoria Thurgood says:

    i love lemon and sugar

  22. Kim M says:

    Love lemon juice and golden syrup x

  23. JULIE WARD says:

    With sugar and lemon, I don’t make the best pancakes

  24. Tracey Peach says:

    I have a sweet tooth so I love Strawberry’s & Goats cream πŸ™‚

  25. Elizabeth Martinez says:

    Sugar and lemon juice or as crepes suzette

  26. clair downham says:

    lemon juice and sugar thankyou

  27. Margaret Clarkson says:

    I like English Pancakes with golden syrup and lemon juice

  28. Wendy Anne Smith says:

    I like them crispy with caramel syrup and vanilla ice cream

  29. Suzanne says:

    Love pancakes with honey.

  30. Frances H says:

    Made gluten free ones this year. Not the same, but passable. Had them topped with booze soaked dried fruit.

  31. Helen Thurston says:

    Lots of lemon, little drizzle of maple syrup.

  32. laura stewart says:

    i like mine thin with lemon and sugar x

  33. melanie stirling says:

    I like my pancakes with golden syrup and banana on them.

  34. Sheena Batey says:

    I like them quite doughy and with sugar and lemon

  35. Corinne Peat says:

    Warm with maple syrup and lemon

  36. Alice Dixon says:

    With berries and chocolate sauce

  37. Lucy Staff says:

    Nutella & banana on my pancakes!

  38. laura banks says:

    with black cherries and ice cream

  39. kimberley ryan says:

    i love my pancakes thin and crispy served with raspberries and chocolate sauce

  40. Rebecca Brown says:

    I love thick pancakes with either jam and cream or chocolate sauce and strawberries

  41. AUSTIN MEESON says:

    traditional ….with sugar and fresh lemon juice

  42. Alice O'Neill says:

    I like them thin, with lemon and sugar

  43. Sarah Dunne says:

    I love traditional fluffy pancakes with maple syrup and cinnamon!

  44. Debbie Nichols says:

    The traditional lemon and sugar will always be my favourite

  45. Elizabeth Smith says:

    Muscovado sugar and lemon

  46. Tristan says:

    I love them with raspberries and melted white chocolate.

  47. Nicola Tayler says:

    I prefer them thin and slightly crispy and topped with lemon and sugar

  48. Jennifer Hull says:

    Golden syrup and peanut butter together..try it.its lovely

  49. Emilia Nastaly-Howard says:

    I like mine with jam πŸ™‚

  50. KATHY D says:

    Sultanas lemon and a sprinkle of sugar

  51. Rebecca Howells (@Regrash7) says:

    Gluten free pancakes with cherries and vanilla ice cream – yum!

  52. Joanna Ford says:

    I like them freshly cooked with melted Cadbury chocolate and extra thick double cream!

  53. lisa dolatowski says:

    They have to be 1cm thick and I love them with clotted cream and butterscotch!

  54. Hannah Wallington says:

    I love lemon and sugar

  55. Gayatri Gogoi says:

    I like them hot and fresh with caramelised bananas

  56. sheri Darby says:

    I love them topped with poached apples and cinnamon

  57. Michelle Smith says:

    Lemon and sugar

  58. Ana Nowell says:

    Nutella always πŸ™‚

  59. Jade Hewlett says:

    I like to have pancakes with sugar on top

  60. Heather brannan says:

    I love pancakes and chocolate sauce

  61. Judith Allen says:

    Lemon and sugar, or thick american style ones with bacon and maple syrup.

  62. Judy Kennedy says:

    lemon & sugar

  63. Stevie says:

    Banana of a squeeze of fresh lemon.

  64. Victoria Prince says:

    I like my pancakes done traditionally, golden brown and with lemon and sugar πŸ™‚

  65. Deborah Craig says:

    sugar and lemon

  66. Jen says:

    Honey or black cherries with a little icecream

  67. sean lambourne says:

    nutella is the best topping with some sliced banana

  68. Leila Benhamida says:

    I like fine pancakes with lemon and sugar.

  69. janine atkin says:

    i like mine with a sprinkling of sugar

  70. Laura Pritchard says:

    I love mine fairly thin & covered in Nutella & chopped bananas

  71. donna l jones says:

    chocolate spread and strawberries

  72. Samantha R says:

    I love having jam with my pancakes and they taste delicious rolled up.

  73. Sue Bebbington says:

    I love fluffy American pancakes with black cherries and fresh cream

  74. Ann MacLean-Fleming says:

    I love mine with nutella or with lemon and sugar

  75. Daisy Belle says:

    Fruit and golden syrup

  76. Angela Kelly says:

    I like crepe style pancakes with lots of Golden Syrup.

  77. Sandra Foreman says:

    lemon and sugar the good old fashion way

  78. Keith Hunt says:

    thick with lemon curd

  79. Chris Minko says:

    I like mine with sugar and lemon

  80. Josie Bicknell says:

    thin and crispy with sugar and lemon

  81. Kirsty Umney says:

    We have pancake day every week

  82. A.E. ADKINS says:

    Thin and almost lacy served with sugar & lemon juice or alternatively deep fried as a spring roll!

  83. Lisa Pond says:

    Cherries and mascarpone! πŸ™‚

  84. Clare Hubbard says:

    With lemon and sugar is divine

  85. Chloe Taylor says:

    Thick american style with banana, nutella or lotus biscoff spread!

  86. Michaela Smith says:

    I like my pancakes smothered in Golden syrup πŸ™‚

  87. Tamsin Dean says:

    love them with honey and bananas on top

  88. Jayne Kelsall says:

    I love them nice and thin with loads of lemon and a sprinkle of sugar πŸ™‚

  89. ruth lee says:

    lemon and sugar

  90. jackie curran says:

    I like them with sugar lemon and nutella

  91. Carol Boffey says:

    lemon and sugar

  92. Meryl Thomas says:

    I like pancakes with sugar and lemon juice

  93. natalee gosiewski says:

    with vanilla extract and fresh blue berrys added to batter mix cooked and added golden syrup mmmmmm

  94. Pam Francis Gregory says:

    Thin pancakes with lemon & sugar.

  95. Sharon Hirst says:

    I love them classic, sugar and lemon

  96. Sarah Hanson says:

    Raspberry jam or golden syrup on them

  97. dana says:

    I like them with maple syrup

  98. Rachael Sexey says:

    I love traditional pancakes with golden syrup πŸ™Œ

  99. Aaron Milne says:

    Keep it simple just with maple syrup for me

  100. Kate Sabin-Burns says:

    simple sugar and lemon for me πŸ˜€

  101. Cath Joyce says:

    I like brown sugar and lemon juice
    Cath Joyce recently posted…The Rustlers Burger Hacking Challenge

  102. Fiona Johnstone says:

    Thick smaller pancakes with melted butter and strawberry jam

  103. Jessi says:

    Maple syrup 😍 We have pancakes regularly for breakfast on a Sunday morning with the children

  104. Christine says:

    yummy nutella

  105. Diane Duggan says:

    Light and fluffy with strawberry jam.

  106. Victoria Worthington says:

    I like them big, soft and plenty of them! Covered in honey.

  107. Adrian Bold says:

    I like my pancakes with sliced bananas and mixed crushed nuts on them.

  108. Natalie Crossan says:

    I like mine simple with sugar and lemon πŸ™‚ xxx

  109. Juli Savage says:

    Simple pancakes with classic lemon juice and sugar

  110. Sam F says:

    Lemon and sugar ❀️❀️

  111. Lauren Stebbings says:

    I like all sorts on my pancakes, mostly sweet things. Lemon juice and sugar is my favourite. Love chocolate spread and squirty cream too! Oooh and maple syrup. I haven’t got into the savoury side though. It feels too strange πŸ˜‚

  112. Dorothy K says:

    I like them soft and fluffy with maple syrup and some kind of nuts- pecans or flaked almonds

  113. sallyanne rose says:

    Nutella and banana

  114. zoe brown says:

    caramel and strawberries

  115. Olga carpentet says:

    Lemon and sugar

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